The Presidential Informe

Yesterday, September 1st, the continuing saga of the Mexican presidency vs the irrational, irrascible and incorrigible PRD AMLO, well… continued. The president arrived at the legislative chamber known as San Lazaro to present his report to the nation (informe) but found it impossible to even get to where the microphones were, since the whole presidium or whatever you call the tribuna in English was blocked by PRD legislators. While the politicians on the floor sang the national anthem, the PRD guys just stood up there with their arms in the air like the simians they are, making V for Victory signs with their fingers. So Mr. Fox just handed in the report to the legislators and left.

The trampled and violated Mexican constitution states that the president has no obligation to actually read it; just hand it in. So that’s what was done.

It is a boring tradition anyway, where all the wonderful things that have happened in the last six years, the one-term mandate, are read by the president until his audience becomes glassy-eyed in boredom. The televised informes have been getting progressively louder and out of control, as legislators from the opposition parties have become increasingly vocal and irate. Especially the PRD. This time, they went so far as to not let the president speak at all.

Mr. Fox then went on national radio with a previously recorded speech, indicating that he knew that this was going to happen.

It was a non-event after all that speculation.

The country awaits, with baited breath, the grito, which should definitely be more interesting.

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