Obama’s Response to Iran’s Missile Tests

While there seems to be a lot of respect for John McCain, as evidenced by one reader’s comment on the previous post, he has done an admirable job of beating the war drums and completely modifying many of his previously held positions on many subjects, including the power and influence held and exercised by Washington lobbyists and controversial subjects such as torture. It seems he is making an all out effort to appease everyone across the board.

Barack Obama has also done some of this, but I find his response to the Iran missile tests a little more comforting and hopeful, in that should he be elected, we might find the US once again acting as a part of the international community. Here is his response:

Sen. Barack Obama: “Part of what we have to do is get the Europeans, the Chinese, the Russians, all to recognize that it’s in nobody’s interests, including Iran’s, I believe, to have a nuclear weapon that could trigger a nuclear arms race in the region. And that’s something that I intend to make a number one priority when I’m in the White House, making sure they don’t have that nuclear capability.”

2 thoughts on “Obama’s Response to Iran’s Missile Tests

  1. 1) You mean those countries don’t already recognize the danger?
    2) How would anybody “make sure” no country had that capability?

  2. Admittedly it’s not an ideal response, but it sure beats ‘Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran’ (sung to the Beach Boys Barbara Ann). And it involves actually talking to the Chinese, the Russians and the Europeans. Who knows, maybe even heed whatever the UN would dictate … an admittedly novel idea for US foreign policy but still… perhaps there is hope.

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