Influenza in Mexico

Apparently, there is some sort of influenza bug in the air and there is an alarming amount of cases out there; enough to – according to the press – warrant the IMSS apparently issuing an ‘alert’ and proceeding to apply vaccines to people already in the hospital system. There are reports that there are no more vaccines in the Mexico City area.

This information was corroborated the other night by a local doctor I happened to have coffee with who said that here in the Yucatan the IMSS did not want to issue a general alert as this would cause a rush on the available vaccines, which, according to this source, were scarce. There is, he said, indeed a shortage of vaccines in spite of a report in the local press citing the contrary for the state of Yucatan. He suggested that if you can, to get a shot.

Influenza is a health problem that affects everyone, but those most susceptible are the very young and older people.

4 thoughts on “Influenza in Mexico

  1. I’ve heard that it is another outbreak of Swine flu. Unlike most flus, this one is mostly affecting those in the 25-45 age range. Over 50 people have died in DF so far. Just wait, this thing is going to go worldwide. It’s already in Texas and California.

  2. Me too. We were talking about this last night with a group of friends and that’s what was said; swine flu. And – according to one doctor present – that it is a new strain which they are working on a vaccine for. According to him, the vaccine available ‘no sirve’. Of course this contradicts my conversation with a different doctor previously that immunized his entire family. He seemed to think that it works.

    It’s nice to be ‘too old’ for this one!

  3. One of the reports I read said that while they do not yet have a vaccine for this mutation, having immunity to the other variations can help your body to fight it off. I did get my flu shot last fall and I’m hoping it will give me some resistance. Perhaps that is why your doctor vaccinated his family.

  4. The thing is to be as healthy as possible, I think, to have your auto-defensas up and strong. Plenty of vitamins, sleep and who knows, maybe even some exercise… 🙂

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