Official Information – Finally!

Here is a link to the Yucatan State government’s website page where you can find information on the state of the influenza in the state. How many times can you put ‘state’ in the same post?

It seems everything is OK in the Yucatan. No cases reported; even that French guy in Valladolid was given a clean bill of health. Or so they report.

Still nothing on the Governor’s Facebook page, though. It still says “Hola Muchachos” and asks what those muchachos think of the informe. Maybe the people writing on her Facebook page think only the muchachos use Facebook? I haven’t been a muchacho in quite a while.

One thought on “Official Information – Finally!

  1. I like the final sentence:
    “Tengan la tranquilidad de que el Gobierno de la Nueva Mayoría vela por su salud las 24 horas del día”, concluyó la Gobernadora Ortega Pacheco.

    El Gobierno de la Nueva Mayoria – that is politics….how much of the rest of the article is ‘real’?
    Or maybe Ivonne will be in person at the Yacatan border and order the flu to go away. That would be a national stunt and could push her to the presedential seat in DF….

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