School’s Out!

Yes, although there is nothing on the official Yucatan government website ( all schools from kindergarten through university – in Merida at least – are suspending classes until May 6th.

I even checked our governors’ Facebook page ( where I can respond to her question: what did I think about the ‘informe‘. Nothing on the flu or school closures or anything else related to the current situation. I don’t think anyone could care less about her informe at the moment.

With absolutely everyone talking about the swine flu and many people resorting to wearing masks, the state government doesn’t feel it warrants any update or further information. The fact that there is nothing on the government website is nothing new, really. During the 3 hurricanes I personally have lived through here, the government run radio station will happily play music as if nothing was going on.

Perhaps they might consider updating the site every 12 hours or so to calm the populace…

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