You Look Stupid With Your Cheap Face Mask

I’m not one to criticize (who, me?) but I have to admit that all the people wearing those cheap disposable light blue face masks look pretty darn ridiculous to me. Plus, they don’t work (doctors words, not mine)

For one thing, they don’t fit properly around your nose area ‘cuz they’re not anatomically designed so anything in the air will get in your nasal passages from the openings around your nose. If you were really concerned you’d go out and find a real face mask that seals your nose and mouth area. Oh, there aren’t any of those.

Add to that the fact that the swine flu is not airborne, it’s a contact thing where you have to get sneezed on or grab a handful of germs from a telephone or something and then rub your hand in your mouth, the whole exercise seems rather futile.

I suspect most people either a) already know this; or b) could care less in true Mexican laissez faire fashion, but are obligated to wear the face mask because their employer insists on it. So most people are putting it on, but choose to use it as an interesting fashion accessory in the form of a headband or neck scarf. Often, however, the blue clashes with the clothing you have decided on wearing that day and it just clashes grotesquely. Not good.

So they don’t really work and you look ridiculous.

Happy now?

4 thoughts on “You Look Stupid With Your Cheap Face Mask

  1. Here here.
    Good observation.
    Wearing of these masks is the modern day equivalent of hiding under your school desk as a nuclear bomb reigns down on your city.

  2. Here here.
    Wearing these masks is the modern day equivalent of hiding under a school desk as a nuclear bomb reigns down on your city.

  3. People like being a part of things, and Mérida isn’t always the place to be for that. I was talking to someone the other day about the whole thing (bacon lung, as my teacher calls it) and he was telling me how it’s actually kind of exciting, to break out of the monotony and focus on something else apart from heat. And I mean, it’s not exciting to have people dying, but if they had the same amount of paranoia over smoking related deaths, for example, it’d be much bigger, scary numbers. But yeh, no one really knows wtf is going on, but most people just go with whatever they do know, and follow the herds.

  4. I agree with Cold, Sniffles and specially Metileno! At last some excitement in our life! Uuuuh! Just wash your hands as often as possible, please!

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