Swine Flu Update – Gran Plaza Mall Open

In that occasionally infuriating way Mexico operates that brings out the neurotic foreigner in me, it turns out that the Gran Plaza mall is open this morning. A call to their administrative office reveals that the order from the manager/administrator is that ‘the mall opens’. This in spite of the ‘official’ statement yesterday saying that Merida malls would be close until May 6th. And you wonder why Mexicans are so cynical about anything ‘official’.

Stores/businesses open this morning in the Gran Plaza are:

  • Burger King,
  • Doña Gorda,
  • Libreria Dante,
  • CFE,
  • TelCel and
  • Mayan Xic.
  • Kukis by Maru will open shortly, I expect.

How long will this last? Who knows! In the land of the unexpected and the Kafka-esque, ANYthing can happen! Maybe someone will sneeze and the mall will close.


Have a great Monday!

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