Swine Flu Update – Malls Closed

Just a quick note to let anyone not aware of the latest local developments regarding the swine flu hysteria that the authorities have decided in their infinite wisdom to close the malls as of this afternoon and apparently until May 6 or such time as it is determined ‘safe’ to do so.

Wouldn’t want anyone to get a runny nose now, would we?

This is another nail in the coffin of the local, state and national economy. WHo stands to gain, I wonder, by propagating all this ridiculous hysteria?

It’s not Ebola for chrissake. IT’s A FLU people!!!


Soon they will close the beaches as a lot of people are going there since it is the only thing left to do in this scorching, dead city.

Here is the latest update as of this moment on the World Health Organizations website.

One thought on “Swine Flu Update – Malls Closed

  1. Timely for us as my friends were sitting here talking about going to Altabriza as I read this. Cancel that idea. Thanks.

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