Swine Flu Update – Who To Believe?

praying for some information

This morning’s Diario de Yucatan website states that there is one unconfirmed case of swine flu in the Yucatan. Great news, right? According to the story, they are awaiting the results of the tests from Mexico City. There’s no way to confirm this locally? Hmmm.

This same website has another article that reports on the efforts being made on Yucatan’s state borders, where people driving in from other states are checked with state of the art equipment that measure body temperature with a laser device. If anyone shows a high body temperature, they are pulled aside to have more samples taken right there and the testing will show right there if the person is infected with the swine flu virus. The test takes… TWO MINUTES.

This begs the obvious question: why, if the health authorities are able to detect the virus at a mobile lab set up on the highway in Coba, are they saying they need to wait for confirmation from Mexico City to determine whether or not the Merida case is positive? I would humbly suggest they send the sample to the Coba mobile highway lab and test it there – seems it would be a lot faster and more efficient, no?

Meanwhile, the federal government, in an update on the news, shows a list of states that have the infection – Yucatan is among them.

Meanwhile the malls are officially closed until May 6. But they are open, for the most part. So they are closed and open at the same time.

And those people who organized a party on Facebook which was broken up by the Health Police are, according to some sources 6 years in prison and/or fines. Talk about your overreactions.

Who to believe? Is there any wonder people are praying?

5 thoughts on “Swine Flu Update – Who To Believe?

  1. I’m just hoping that monja in your photo is putting the mojo in for our cruise ships to come back here in Cozumel!

  2. So — check out TODAY’S (May 8) Diario de Yucatan:
    Headline: 18 cases in Yucatan.
    Then, the article states that actually, those include 17 cases previously called suspicious, then negative (the one previously confirmed case was the kid from Tekat, whose father learned that his son had H1N1 by reading it in the paper….). The article goes on to say that the federal health secretary reports that actually TEN of those 17 cases are confirmed, and they’re waiting the results of the remaining 7.
    But, all of the individuals have been treated, are fine, and home.
    I’m starting to believe in conspiracy theories. Do you think it’s actually POSSIBLE that some information is not being released to the public???

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