Chili’s Top Shelf Margaritas… Yum!

The Critic is not what you would call your typical piña colada / margarita quaffing kinda gringo in the tropics but there is something about those “top shelf” margaritas – on the rocks, mind you – at Chili’s, that is addictive.

Last night the Critic and a group of people went to Chili’s Altabrisa for a bite; but for the Critic the main attraction was the margarita.

First of all it comes in a huge chilled beer mug, not a sissy glass with a wide rim that you have to ‘negotiate’ to your lips and then sip. Then it has lots of salt around the edges; chunks of it. Ice cubes clink happily inside. The margarita itself is the perfect blend of sweet and sour and does not taste horribly artificial (like the one at Boston’s for example). The tequila is there but not overpowering.

And because of the size of the glass and the fact that it is not an adult Slurpy ie ‘slush’, you can get in there with a big thirst on, on a hot Merida day or night, order one of these and take a big pipe-cooling swallow.


3 thoughts on “Chili’s Top Shelf Margaritas… Yum!

  1. I couldn't agree with you more! Chili's uses the best margarita mix around. When we were in Merida, we felt a bit silly spending time at place we have back home. But that feeling quickly passed as soon as the straws hit our lips, and we sipped the best margaritas of the entire trip! We'll be back in Merida soon. Any recommendations for places offering a close second to the Chili's margarita?

  2. I too like Chili's at Altabrisa, I like the food too. The margarita's are great and that's due to the mix I think because the Cheladas are really good too. We had lunch there on Friday, best hamburger in town I think.

  3. Hiya Susan: you are right – it's a little embarassing but they are that good! The Critic doesn't order margaritas on a regular basis so doesn't know if there are others out there! Jonna: yes they have some great burgers like the bacon burger but the 'cheddar' is awfully thin and suspiciously resembles that processed stuff. For sheer awesomeness, Carls Jr is the Critics choice!

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