Discreet Massages on the Beach

In yet another scene from the Yucatan that makes this neurotic foreigner smile, there was a small article in the Diario de Yucatan newspaper, page 11 of the Local section, that had the following headline:

Piden discrecion a las masajistas (Masseuses asked to exercise discretion)

Apparently, authorities, handcrafts salespeople and service providers in Progreso claim that it is possible that there are some masseuses or their clients who have asked or offered a ‘happy ending’ to their massages on the beach at Progreso; perhaps you have seen the tables set up under the coconut palm trees by the malecon for the cruise ship tourists when they venture into what they are sure is the ‘real’ Mexico.

The article goes on to say that the ‘authorities’ do not know anything about a ‘happy finish’ and the Director of Tourism, Felipe Manzano Frias, denies that Progreso is a sexual tourism destination (good Lord, one would hope not, ugh) and if there were any such cases, they are isolated incidents because, as he put it, “we are not aware of such practices”

Personally, I cannot imagine anyone getting a ‘happy ending’ on a massage table on the beach in Progreso – can you? This is not a particularly private area, as anyone familiar with the concept is aware and so one would have people – locals, other cruise ship passengers – milling about while you are getting happy? I mean, look at the photo above: I see nothing there that could be described as ‘happy’ (or even particularly relaxing for that matter).

In any case, the main message seems to be that the masseuses be discreet about these ‘practices’, which are, after all, just a possibility.

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