Dang Ren Chinese Food – Merida, Yucatan

The Critic thinks he has found possibly the worst Chinese food in Merida. It’s a little place called Dang Ren, located across from Costco on Calle 60 and the Critic was hungry while waiting for his vehicle to be serviced at nearby Radial Llantas and decided to get a little MSG fix.

There are plastic chairs and tables, of the Coca Cola variety in what used to be this house’ garage. The sign says something about ‘art in Chinese cuisine’ or something equally ambitious and slanderously incorrect. The food, in steam table recipients on a couple of plastic tables where one notes a complete lack of any steam, looks Chinese enough.

A Chinese man pops out of the house and asks if you want one guiso or two and if it’s to go or to eat here. The Critic says to eat here. The difference is that one gets a plastic fork. The styro container is the same. One guiso and rice today.

The Critic sits, sticks the fork in the rice and puts in his mouth. The undercooked ie hard rice is between lukewarm and cold. Ugh! The chicken? Same thing. If there is one thing the Critic hates it’s buffets and their lukewarm food. That’s where all the tourists in Cancun get sick.

A moment later, the entire 27 peso package was in the garbage at Costco, where the Critic picked up a turkey and cheese sandwich at their deli, which was much better.

This place is just gross.

7 thoughts on “Dang Ren Chinese Food – Merida, Yucatan

  1. The worst Chinese food in Merida! Wow, that is saying a lot. It's sad when the best recommendation anyone can give a Chinese restaurant in this town is "it's not bad"….
    Costco has pretty good pizza, I like the salad too. I had the turkey roll up thing and once was enough. The whole wheat wrap was rancid tasting. yuck.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Eeeew. Sounds nasty. I don't know if I'll get a craving for Chinese once I'm living there and have no access? If I do, I'll avoid Dang Ren.

  3. Theresa – I also found the wraps a little off. Did you know they sell duck in their frozen food section?

    BigAssBelle – For a good MSG fix, try Win Fa. Guaranteed to make you thirsty!

  4. I knew the restaurant in fact the owner too, he was a Chinese and he had that restaurant open from 2005 around 2013 and it is true the food was not good at all, but there is an other restaurant in Merida in the Montes de Ame area with the same name DANG REN The Original Shanghai Taste and this one is truly the best Chinese food in town I could say even from many Chinese restaurants from the US because the food is not fast food or buffet is whit a menu, but don’t take my word check out the Facebook page and the many opinions of the people they all love it.

  5. Thanks to Roger comments I decide to try Dang Ren food 2 days ago and I believe is fantastic, the portions are very generous the quality of the ingredients and the freshness is great and the flavor is austanding, I try the tipic sweet-sour and you can really taste the sweet and the sour also try spice pork with nuts and it was excellent, the mixt rice is real good and I also have a fry ice cream for desert the best Ever!
    Thank you for your advice Roger

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