7 thoughts on “Wake-Up Story about Crime in Merida

  1. The extortion attempt in question was covered in detail in the Diario de Yucatan. There's been a fair number of reports of similar stuff, again in the Diario over the last several years, including warnings about the Telmex scam.
    It's too bad that many foreign residents don't read the local papers (not understanding Spanish is not much of an excuse, thanks to online editions and Google translator)…they might find stories of street crime less of a shock…just saying…
    As long as I've lived here, I've heard or read reports of confidence men (and women) coming to Merida to target the gullible meridanos…

  2. I hear you MCM; it seems that many foreigners living in Merida are in a state of infatuation… and are shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, when they hear about this. There's a spate of robberies out at the beach as well that visitors need to be aware of…

  3. The exact same threat was made to my landlord's wife recently: "We have your husband," etc., while he was out of town, so she called him immediately. He was cool about it, but I noticed he's being more cautious these days.

    And the drink of water scam! Every Mexican who comes to my door, plus everyone who ever works for me, asks for a glass of water. I'm thinking of installing a water dispenser with Dixie cups next to the front door!

  4. The reason the asking for a glass of water occurs (besides the fact that Merida is so bloody hot) is that the person doing the asking knows he or she will get it. It’s the least a homeowner can do for someone; hence the local expression “Un vaso de agua no se le niegue a nadie”.

  5. That really isn’t a bad idea to have a water dispenser near the door.

    Since I wrote the crime article on my blog (gorbman.com), we had another experience. A family of four clamored for water at the door. My husband opened the protector door, and the father inserted his small son between the gate and the entryway (sitting on the concrete) so we couldn’t close the door without hurting the child. The whole family was asking for water.
    By that time, geniuses that we are, we realized that water wasnt’ the goal, and gently moved the kid out of the way and closed the door.

  6. Can you own a gun there I have also found that realtors work only for the seller,calming down prospective buyer with nonsence about being considered rude american.

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