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I have been tweaking and pinching this and that WordPress theme, and this one seems to be the winner so far.

Yesterday, I imported all my posts on, from both the Casual Restaurant Critic blog AND the NotTheNews/EL Maloso blog. They should be all here now. Unfortunately, I lost some of the new posts I had put up here, but I am certainly not Hemingway so no big deal there.

I also figured out the FTP concept; downloaded a freeware FTP program and started loading photos (previous cropped, resized and chopped into the directory where they will appear ‘rotatingly’ at the top of the page.

There must be a search button widget here somewhere in order to look for a specific post; that’s next. Plus, a way of seeing the post archives since at the moment only the latest 10 appear.

Ideally, the categories will appear on the main page so you can click on Casual Restaurant Critic and only those posts will show up so you don’t have to wade through the other stuff.

7 thoughts on “Blog Update

  1. Well, found you. It looks nice, I like the idea of combining everything under one pixel roof. WordPress is more complex but more adaptable too, it just takes some time. I haven’t given mine much time but I have intentions 🙂

    Good work.

  2. Thank YOU Jonna! I appreciate your taking the time to poke around. It will be a little while yet before it all works the way ‘controlling’ me likes it, but I think it will be the better for the effort in the long run. I like playing around with all those ‘themes’ out there. Fun stuff.

  3. Thanks Ron. Today I removed the ‘pages’ and put the ‘categories’ at the top of the page which will enable readers to click on, say, Casual Restaurant Critic and only those posts will appear.

    Now I have to categorize all the posts brought over from the previous blog. 🙂

  4. I LIKE the all in one place concept. It’s like a huge Department Store, walk in and poke around…
    Sure to find something you like!

    Besides it was too labour intensive to keep up with you, were you here were you there had you posted hadn’t you!

    Now it’s one stop shopping!

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