Why Investing in a Menu Translation Service is a Good Idea

If there is any hesitation as to why one should use a professional translator when writing menus in another language, let the Casual Restaurant Critic lay those doubts to rest with the following presentation, courtesy a local hotel/restaurant that really should know better. The Critic suspects that the menu writer was Chinese.

Here are some comments on the menu, followed by photos of the actual menu to prove that this is not made up gibberish. It is published gibberish.

Enjoy! And thanks to my good friend, the Argentinian Evita L. Ekcesso for this item.

9 thoughts on “Why Investing in a Menu Translation Service is a Good Idea

  1. This is why I try to get the Spanish language menu. Though I have to say this is the worst example of babel fish menu I have ever seen!
    How was the food? or where you too scared to try it?

  2. I have not eaten here yet, no. But the backfill sounds a little hard on the digestive system, I think.

  3. This is priceless… yeah I know everyone’s goin on about the backfill… but honestly.. even with the worst dictionary… how does one come up with that?? Salad of hearts most likely goes all the way back to Aztec times… (???) But if they’ve got gigantic shrimps I’m there in a lettuce heartbeat… if I can catch the fruit ship before the house snow melts….

    Yes that’s an irresistible post….


  4. I’m so grateful that a menu translation service was not used! Must eat there when we arrive next week. Directions please or perhaps you can drive us?
    Happy New Year!
    ~ Kathleen ~

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