Luigis for Breakfast

A friend whom the Critic shall call Lincoln told him about this place where he goes for breakfast regularly; a breakfast that is tasty, hot and most importantly (the Critic suspects this to be the case) cheap.

It’s called Luigi’s but before you get all excited, the place is about as Italian as a Ticul-made pump. There is a fellow there by the name of Luigi, but he is Yucatecan and his place somehow lacks the glamor of, say, a Milan eatery. In fact, this place is a hole in the wall practically on the corner of 56 and 43 streets, identifiable by the official Coca Cola colors and hand-written menus on construction paper taped unceremoniously to the walls.

The tables and chairs are also Coca Cola, but the ambience, such as it is, is very neighborly and friendly with everyone commenting ‘buenos dias’ and ‘provecho’ as they pass your table. There are some food pictures below, the first is of ‘huevos a la Mexicana’ and the second of the giant bread basket. The accompanying refried beans are terrific and there is no coffee, just Coca Cola.

Total for two people having full egg breakfast? 58 pesos, or about 5 dollars. Can’t beat that.

2 thoughts on “Luigis for Breakfast

  1. As the plate states, the bread looks a little unimpressive. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist! Is unimpressive a brand? What gives?

    Luigi’s is only about four blocks or so from our place, and even if the bread doesn’t look impressive, the prices sure do! I think we shall give this place a try next time.

  2. That is hilarious and I didn’t notice it until I posted the photo! Never even looked at the plate at the time… You will enjoy the homey feel to the place and for the price, it sure beats the lousy food at Sanborns! Enjoy!

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