Travel Warning – British Columbia, Canada

The Mexican Tourism Counter-Propaganda Council is advising travelers from this country to avoid travel to Canada and British Columbia in particular due to the increasing risk of physical harm and possible death from overly aggressive police forces in the province.

Arbitrary beatings, kicking and assault on defenseless victims by the so-called keepers of the peace have left a rather negative impression on tourists coming to this once-peaceful country. Among recent cases is that of British Columbia resident Jeremy Packer was ordered out of his truck and repeatedly punched as he tried to exit the vehicle, for no apparent reason.

And who can forget Robert Dziekanski, who, in a state of addled confusion at Vancouver airport was tasered to death by Vancouver police.

In light of this increasing incidence of violence reported ( along with abuse by “cowboy” police officers, the MTCPC is recommending potential travelers to this violence-torn region of Canada reevaluate all travel to that country, until the situation returns to normal and/or stability is restored.

9 thoughts on “Travel Warning – British Columbia, Canada

  1. I have passed on this advisory to my colleagues at the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. I will be getting myself to Mexico as soon as possible for my own safety.

  2. Oh Debbie! I am still going to publish the Huckleberry Choking hazard and that will convince you for sure!


  3. I’ve been waiting for a long time for someone to actually put in print what I have seen and known for years.

    The illusion of safety in Vancouver and British Columbia is just that, an illusion. The multiple gangs that conduct their “business” openly on the streets and in the neighborhoods is shocking. The gangs and vilonece that happens includes the Arsey MP as you have noted and more. And what was more telling was about 5 years ago when the police came out with an announcement that they were going to stop reporting all criminal activity and only report some of it as they did not want to create a negative image of Vancouver.

    Worse however is that people continue to point to Mexico as being unsafe and that they are safe where they are.

    The reality is that issues exist everywhere and if you want to find trouble whether with criminals or with the police you can do that in any part of the world.

    Your article is great timing wise too as many people we know back there have sent me the link to an article about the German citizen who skipped bail on drug traffic charges and ended up here in Merida


  4. Dear Bill

    I am finding, as I read your numerous endeavors, that your Canadian humor is still wickedly intact. I would appreciate meeting you when I and my partner are in Merida over the Christmas period of Dec 25-Jan 7 this year and doing some day excursions. I have an interest in ethnobotany, being a doctor of herbalism and other healing arts. My partner and I share an avid interest in latin jazz so dinner and dancing is what we are looking at doing lots of as well. I will be in touch once we are about a month out of our arrival date to arrange schedules. I will continue to track your much respected opinion on all things Yucky. Viva Zapata!

    Dr. Rod

  5. P.S.

    Do not be alarmed that we are coming from Vancouver. You will find us a riotous couple. We have learned to be civilized even if we lose a hockey game or two and we promise not to pick a fight.

    Dr. Rod

  6. Hello Rod; it sure is a good thing that we don’t have an NHL franchise in Merida then!

    Seriously though, it would be great to get you out to my newest favourite tour; the one to Muna and into the jungle. Our guide shows us many plants used by the Mayans for all sorts of ailments. You would enjoy it I am sure. Also a visit to Izamal and the famous little store that sells all manner of dried herbs for teas and things. Very interesting! Let me know when you get here, on Facebook if you like.

  7. Muna sounds great. A nursery is listed there for sale that has bamboo groves and deer. I have often fantasized about it’s existence. So thanks for the synchronicity.
    Talk to you in awhile.

    Best regards

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