Bryan’s Surprises with Great Service!

One of the most common criticisms of Merida restaurants by the Casual Restaurant Critic is the deplorable service in most places (with a few notable exceptions), especially at the higher end of the price range where it seems like everything has been invested in except waiter training and selection.

So, on a visit this afternoon to the newest of the Trotter’s restaurants, it was a joy to be able to finally receive good – no GREAT – service from a young man who looked after the Critic and his Better Half. After being ignored by the hostess on the way in (she was talking to some folks so she could be forgiven for not being able to multitask at the door although that should be in her job description) the Critic was not expecting anything better but an older gentleman who one could assume is the capitan de meseros or manager led the party of two to a table.¬†Actually, it was a booth, as per the Critic’s choice and it was a bad choice. The only quibble for today’s meal was the seating. The booth looks inviting with what appear to be cushy cushions and a cozy sort of vibe; unfortunately, one sinks into the not-so-cushy cushions and one then feels the wooden frame within on one’s tush. Note to Mr Trotter – restuff the cushions and back rests!

A pleasant young man approached the table, took drink orders and left menus. Better half ordered a tuna sashimi salad and a potentially complicated version of the burger which was essentially the burger but without the bun. The Critic ordered the small version of the Caesar salad and a pasta consisting of black spaghetti and veggies in a lemon cream plus sauteed shrimp. And here is the amazing part. You know when you are telling your waiter what you want and he is furiously scribbling on a pad of paper? Well this young man just nodded and when the Critic and Better Half had ordered, he confirmed the order from memory, almost verbatim and with a curt smile and a con permiso left to tell the kitchen what to do. Please note that this is the first time in Merida, where the Critic has lived for TWENTY FOUR YEARS, that any waiter has not written anything down. One sees this in upscale restaurants in the US, Canada and elsewhere, but this was a first for the Critic in Merida. Even in the most basic panucheria, where all there is to order are panuchos, salbutes and a caldo, the waiter on hand will always be writing everything down as if it was so darn confusing.

The food was very good. The sashimi salad with a peanut dressing was cold and large enough to make entree status, while the mini Caesar was more than mini and actually a Caesar, unlike the version the Trotters serve up at their flagship location, Trotters, which contains all kinds of things not generally common in a Caesar salad.

The sans-bun burger arrived perfectly presented and the spaghetti, in spite of the misgivings about what a lemon cream would taste like, was delicious.

Afterwards, the bill was summoned and arrived promptly. The manager also stopped by at the entree portion of the meal to see if everything was alright.

A great lunch experience; hopefully this level of service will be maintained!



7 thoughts on “Bryan’s Surprises with Great Service!

  1. I also agree! Meals have always been good at Bryan’s and the service excellent. Last time I was there, WL, was to celebrate my coming of age, wherein I can now collect my OAS! (old age security to non-Canucks)

  2. Well Bonnie you should be happy that you retired early, looks like Stephen Harpers new budget will mean folks will have to work till they are 67 to collect OAS.

  3. soon I will visit merida yucatan and I woul like to know if there is a rostisserie restauras, where they serve al kind of meats, chiken, pork,lab, meat, faowl,ducks, phasent, cornish hens stc..if there is so please let me know
    your dearly jose lara in los angeles ca. usa.

  4. I am going to try this restaurant. I will not be having anything you mentioned because I suspect that you have a much more sophisticated palate than I although I will give the ceasars a try.

    My object when going to a restaurant is that I want to have something that I cannot have at home. When it is a lemon sauce however, it is unique in that I will not have that at home or order it in a restaurant.

  5. You will enjoy it! I don’t have a sophisticated palate by any stretch of the imagination. But I believe that when you go to a restaurant it should be an improvement on what you can do at home. And that means service, service service, as well as great food.

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