My Two Centavos on the US Election – Romney vs Obama

Yesterday, while folding shirts I took the opportunity to listen to the keynote speeches from both the Republican and Democratic conventions ie Mitt (Mitt! Mitt!! Mitt!!!) Romney and Barack (4 more years! 4 more years!) Obama. I had a lot of shirts to fold.

First I watched Obama. Watched Michelle introduce him and actually teared up when she introduced him as “the love of her life, the father of their children…” as the man came on stage to thunderous applause. I’m a sap, I know. But can Anne Romney pull this off with any credibility? Obamas speech was, like practically all his speeches, well crafted, delivered with passion and eminently listenable-to. At the end, the kids came out and I thought “this is the man they accuse of being a Hitler, a communist, an atheist, destroyer of families, job eliminator and Muslim?” It’s just racism, plain and simple. They hate the fact that he is black and that says a lot about the good old U.S. of A. which has become a bipolar nation in severe need of a natural disaster to bring everyone back together under the same flag.

Of course there were things I didn’t agree with such as his pandering reference to the energy companies (“clean” coal – what the hell is that) and the continued insistence on being the greatest nation in the world. Um, no? But in general, the speech this man delivered made the time spent folding shirts pass quickly and effortlessly.

En cambio, although he also got thunderous and adulating applause, listening to Mitt Romney’s sappy story of his family’s life and their ‘struggles’ and the use of every cliché (“like every good American” “real American values” “we came together after the election because we are a good and generous people” etc ad nauseum) available to his speechwriters who must have just graduated from middle school in Kentucky, interspersed with crowds chanting “USA, USA” in a manner that suggested the sound might have been added later, actually made folding the shirts a boring tedious task as I was constantly seized by the urge to throw things at the computer. What people see in this uninspiring, white-bread, OBVIOUSLY fake human being is beyond me. Also, when I did glance at the computer screen, there were lots of closeups of very white people; the only blacks I saw were at the beginning, when a few black secret service dudes were there to control the enthusiastic white folks.

No comparison whatsoever. If millionaire Romney and his lackluster campaign wins the presidency, it will be a sad (and eminently boring) day for the USA and sadder still for the countries both to the south and north of the border of the ‘greatest nation on earth’.


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11 thoughts on “My Two Centavos on the US Election – Romney vs Obama

  1. No ordinary voter, Republican or otherwise, really sees ‘anything’ in Romney – they just see the ‘not-thing,’ i.e., ‘NOT black.’ Their crazed base still doesn’t trust him, which is why he has to swear fealty to every crackpot proposal or statement from every loony, bigoted, knuckle-dragging radio talker.

    The elite he represents, on the other hand, see an opportunity to turn back even the moderate tide begun under Obama of a return to sane fiscal and regulatory policies.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Barbara and allowing me the pleasure of knowing I am not alone. I continued, after writing this little note, to watch other Republican speakers from the convention and it was amazing to me how treacly and cliche their speeches were. It was as if they were all on the same channel. Telling the audience about their humble upbringing or their parents upbringing, about how they or their parents struggled but their good American values (the rest of the world could care less about working or struggling) and blah blah blah blah. My favorite was of course Ann Romney, the Desperate Housewife or Stepford Wife or Robotic Throwback Wife who told of her travails eating a lot pf pasta and tuna on an upturned ironing board to which the very white masses applauded and cheered as if she had just announced free guns and bullets for all the attendees.

  3. Romney cannot happen. I keep praying Florida will see the light and make him an also ran. The DNC was mucho superior and bumped our president up as a candidate. Just hope nothing goes wrong til Nov. I won’t be able to watchdog. I’ll be in Mexico!

  4. Bill,

    You’re a Canadian living in Mexico. If I was a teacher giving a test, I’d tell you to keep your eyes on your own paper.

    BTW, congratulations on your own Stephen Harper being named “World Statesmen of the Year.” We’ll see him down here in NY later this month. He and Romney will become great friends!

    — EJ

  5. I know I know. I should just shut my mouth and stay the hell out. But I can’t. It’s like the moth and a flame analogy. Except the only ones getting burnt are y’all.

  6. I’ve been told that black people cannot be racist because they have been oppressed. So, if a white person votes against Obama, it’s racist but not if a black person votes for a white guy. In the same vein, the attorney general is black and won’t prosecute the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation in Philly – is that racist? I’m confused.

  7. It is all very confusing, this modern politically correct world we all live in. Truth of the matter is that everyone who is predetermined to be racist is racist. The Koreans hate the Mexicans, the Mexicans hate the Chinese, the Chinese hate everybody, everybody hates the Hindu Indians who hate the Muslim Indians who hate the Christian Arabs who hate…ok I’ll stop now.

  8. You Progressives are bankrupt. Can you play anything other than the race card or class envy card? AFter you nutters destoyed America you come to Mexico to destroy it also. Too bad your mother didn’t visit Planned Parenthood

  9. A Socialist Canadian. It figures. Obama is a puppet of the banking cartel just like Romney. Read some free market economics not the Socialist silage you were fed in Canada.

  10. Some facts for the nutters on this site.
    The really rich – incomes $2 million plus, net worth $30 million plus – are overwhelmingly Democrats. Even a moron might notice that the famous rich – Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, George Soros – are all Democarts. An enquiring mind might want to ask why. You take the blue pill or the red pill. The Progressive pill makes you Boobus Americanus who appear to be drawn to becoming expats and hanging in a clique of like minded, close minded people. As the saying goes “You can’t handle the truth”

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