Casual Restaurant Critic visits La Gloria Cantinera

img_5007In the strangely named Plaza Mangus, which is home to several culinary offerings including the heavily overpriced and nothing special yet somehow still around Tony Roma’s, there is a new restaurant that the Critic can recommend highly, based on now two visits.

Located in the space once occupied by the Bodeguita and directly across from Los Trompos at City Center, La Gloria Cantinera is a cantina run by the folks who own La Recova and it is a quality operation from the food to the service to the actual room.

The guacamole presented in a molcajete is excellent, as are the spiced tostadas accompanying the fresh and zesty salsas, served tiny stone pots. Anything pork has proven to be outstanding including the chamorro cooked with mezcal, the slab of ribs with a hint of spice cooked to tender perfection and the chicharron which makes an appearance here and there. The sirloin tacos with tuetano (bone marrow) are fantastic, the tortillas are hand made, the cucumber lemonade is a great non-alcoholic drink and the salmon tostadas that the critic tried on this visit were amazing.

The churro cart for dessert is not only original, it’s contents are amazingly addictive. Have them take those crispy sugary treats before you eat them all, which you might, and then regret as your stomach protests. The churros are accompanied by three dipping sauces: berries, chocolate and Bailey’s. You have been warned.

Service is professional, cordial and the way it should be – attentive but not intrusive.

This restaurant may well be on the Critic’s short list of best places to eat in Merida, based on the experiences had so far!

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6 thoughts on “Casual Restaurant Critic visits La Gloria Cantinera

  1. Hola Theresa – I think you should not wait to find yourself – in City Center or elsewhere 🙂 – and make a pilgrimage to La Gloria asap. While there, you can stock up o fancy bottles of wine and such at La Europea, across the street. Make a day out of it and have breakfast first at Merci, just down the road! The possibilities are endless.

  2. I want to thank you for your reviews of Merida restaurants. I have been printing them for a few years now, so we can try them while in Merida. The ones we tried this year and enjoyed were Oliva, Peruano, and Hermana Republic. However the one that we went back to (5 or 6 times) was Petit Delice. Please continue with your reviews, they are appreciated.
    Sharon Kreider

  3. Thank you so much Sharon!!!! Made my day 🙂

    I often wonder if anyone is even reading this (or any blogs for that matter) anymore, what with Facebook and other social media seemingly more ‘attractive’ by people with short attention spans.

    So I really do appreciate your comments.

  4. El guacamole es la gloria, la primera vez que fui pedi el trompito al pastor por qué se veía tan cute que necesitaba tomarle una foto y sentirme taquera. Grave error un problema hacerse un taco así. Fuera de eso la carne estaba buena. La segunda vez que fui pedi no recuerdo si un ceviche o aguachirle de camarón igual venía en una presentación difícil de servir no está malo pero mmmm hay mejores sin embargo tiene buen ambiente en las noches y tiene área de fumadores lo cual se aprecia y mucho

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