Chilaquiles for the Casual Restaurant Critic at Chill-Akil

Not having had any sustenance beyond the usual New York model breakfast of coffee and a cigarette, the by-now cantankerous Critic was driving to his pay-by-the-hour office at Alexandra’s when another luxurious plaza (not particularly luxurious, tbh) called Plaza Luxury – really, you can’t begin to fathom the local fascination with all things purportedly luxury – beckoned with its multiple culinary options ranging from the brand new Okana poke bar with its high-tech and line-up inducing iPad ordering system to the old-school Merida classic Siqueff to the restaurant the Critic finally ended up in: Chill Akil.

There’s the Lexus dealership, the Prada flagship store, and the Bugatti watch shop. And the Ya Abrimos store of course

Once the loud family discussing family relationships at the next table had departed, the famished  Critic was able to enjoy his classic chilaquiles rojos in relative peace and quiet while perusing CNN’s latest fake news on his iPhone.

These chilaquiles are really good, with lots of ‘stuff’ on top of those tortilla chips and they aren’t all soggy either, which is a nice touch. The red sauce is good, the chicken is good, the queso fresco is good, the onions and radishes are fresh and there are hot sauces and mild sauces (2 and 2) to add if you feel the dish lacks vim and vigor.

The restaurant is probably crowded in the morning with Moms and gym types who like to get up early, but the Critic had his breakfast at 2 PM thank you very much and had the place to himself. The A/C leaves something to be desired and it is uncomfortably warm in spite of the unit blowing all it can. Note: there are two air conditioners upstairs, but these were off.

Good service and plenty of parking available. You will also find a really nice high-end stereo shop in this plaza for your home theater installations in that new old colonial you are restoring.

Worth a second visit, ITCO.

Location: Plaza LUXURY (look for the Teslas, Ferraris and Jaguars parked outside) or just look at the map on Facebook:

8 thoughts on “Chilaquiles for the Casual Restaurant Critic at Chill-Akil

  1. Finally!! I don’t think I had a decent plate of chilaquiles the whole time I lived there! Please try the tlacoyos next? (Is Mérida finally joining the rest of México?)

  2. Well, I’m no expert on chilaquiles, but I thought these achieved a nice balance between all the ingredients and they aren’t trying to fake it with a giant pile of soggy corn chips to make it look bigger. As for tlacoyos I have no idea what a good one would be and wouldn’t recognize it if it bit me in the butt. Any suggestions on where? And I hope Merida never joins the rest of Mexico, except maybe in the food department which is what you are referring to I think!

  3. Yes, that’s what I was referring to: Mexican food! Nothing wrong with comida Yucateca, but glad to see some flavors from the mainland arriving! Tlacoyos are on the sign for the luxury strip mall- (I’ve been to that one- waited an uncomfortably long time for a sort of meh sandwich at the Pan place) Anyway, tlacoyos! I’ve only ever had them in CDMX, and they were delicious- big football shaped stuffed masa pockets, crispy cooked on a big comal; street food. Mine were azul masa and filled with Oaxacan cheese and hoja santa and some kind of bean- YUM. Hoping to make a trip back, maybe this winter if we can swing it!

  4. Well I will certainly give it a try! Your description made my mouth water, to tell you the truth. I think I’ll have some leftover mole from yesterday that I cooked up 🙂

  5. Sorry to say that we thought that this was a good eating place. Soggy chilaquiles (rojos and pastor), bland, tasteles. We went today at 12.30 nobody was there, we understand why, this was the first time and the last time. Very disappointing

  6. So sorry they were not as decent as when I had them. I guess inconsistency is a problem, like in so many places. I might have to put in a disclaimer along the lines of YMMV ie your mileage might vary 🙂 Thanks for commenting though, always appreciate it!

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