The Casual Restaurant Critic at Bistro Cultural

It was their anniversary, it was very busy and the Critic won’t pass judgement on the experience he had this morning with the Better Half and several other, local guests. Breakfast was long, leisurely (not for the two waitresses desperately working the entire restaurant inside and out) and the food delicious. Good coffee too.

The space is cozy and attractive and chef Yohann kind in his attention to his guests.

Some serious swinging music in the garden

Some serious swinging music in the garden Part II

The garden patio, full of happy eaters


View to the street, from the inside

Pretty flowers as centerpieces throughout

Creme brulee

Isla flotante

2 thoughts on “The Casual Restaurant Critic at Bistro Cultural

  1. Well we tried this place and will not be going back. However you were right on the mark with Merci, we really enjoyed the food. This trip, we managed to go to our favorite places (Pho Mx, Eureka, La Rueda, Petite Delcie, and Irori) several times. We also discovered Casa Thai (the building looked interesting), sadly the food did not match the exterior. A new place we found and liked was Pita on Calle 55, half a block north of Calle 60. Thanks again for providing many new restaurant reviews for us to choose from each year

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