Monthly Archives: December 2006

Merry Christmas to All!

To those of you still reading after all these years, THANK YOU and my wish for everyone is to have a peaceful and satisfying holiday season. It is very gratifying to know that I have made even the smallest difference in some of my reader’s lives, whether it was helping them find a great restaurant or convincing them that Merida, in spite of all its’ interesting quirks, would be a great place to buy a house, renovate it and enjoy all the many good things that the formerly white city offers.

I hope to be back in 2007 to continue this little online neurotic commentary on life in Merida!
Feliz Navidad!

A Look at the Hacienda Sotuta de Peon

Are you a tourist and looking for something interesting and relatively new to take up a good part of your day? Or maybe you are already a resident of the formerly white city and would like to explore a bit.

In either case, you should consider this new (and I hate to use this term, but…) tourist attraction which takes you back to the good old days of henequen production. When I say good old days, of course, I am talking about the whites that ran the haciendas, not the Mayans ’employed’ there as slaves.
And let me know what you think!