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The National Security Letter – Are These Gringos Nuts?

Some US ranting for those of you still under the misconception that I only go on about silly things in the formerly white city of Merida.

I just heard, perhaps somewhat belatedly, that the FBI (USA) has admitted to sending out tens of thousands of National Security Letters to individuals who own businesses or organizations in which they request information on clients of those businesses or ogranizations. The letter, which was approved as an integral tool to be used under the slightly fascist Patriot Act, also comes with a gag order which means that the person receiving it cannot reveal to anyone (gilfriend, wife, parent, best friend) under the threat of an undisclosed punishment.

Does this sound a little scary or is it just me? How can those of you living in the US live with this kind of police state? And how in the world can you call the US the land of the free?

Ana Rosa!

How could I forget Ana Rosa Payan? I apologize to her and all the avid readers of this blog who wrote to remind me that she was also contending in the upcoming gubernatorial race. Is that a word, I wonder?

Personally, I still think that Ana Rosa is, among all the mediocre contenders scrabbling to get their flacid buttocks into the Governor’s chair, the only one who actually has any cojones.

On the other hand, were I able to actually cast a vote, it would be for Cholo, whose campaign slogan is “Mas vale Cholo, que mal acompañado”. Loosely translated, this means that it’s better to go it alone, than accompanied by questionable character. And the ‘alone’ part (solo, in spanish) is changed to Cholo. Clever.

Much more so than the asinine, vapid promises and slogans of the PAN and PRI parties. These are (Xavier, PAN) “Te Va a ir Mejor”. In english: “You’ll be Better Off”. Is this original or what? No candidate anywhere has ever said that before! And is it saying that we are not doing so well now? According to who? A little presumptuous, I think. He promises ‘more jobs’, ‘more investment in rural areas’ and ‘better wages’ too. Will Yucatecans really fall for such empty, unreasonable and unfeasible blatherings? Is he really that boring and unoriginal?

The PRI is of course in the same boat, making the same promises, just phrased a little differently. While the PAN is admitting that things are not as good as they could be (and they themselves have been in power for the last few terms, hello) the PRI’s claim to fame is that they have a fresh face on the cover of their recycled pulp fiction paper back and that this is all it will take because she (Yvonne) has ‘passion for the Yucatan’.

So back to Cholo, who was recently photographed, broom in hand, sweeping the sidewalk in front of his campaign office. If you really want someone different, someone who really loves the Yucatan and will shake things up a bit, this would be your candidate.