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The Casual Restaurant Critic needs some feedback here folks; it’s evident that someone is reading the charming reviews posted – note the live feed on the right hand side of the page – here but the Critic is getting no feedback and since there is no monetary reward for spewing forth unsolicited criticisms of Meridas’ culinary scene, such as it is, your feedback is what keeps the cantankerous Critic motivated.

Thank you.

14 thoughts on “Feedback Please

  1. I read every post and enjoy them. I don't have much to say because I've never been to Merida before but I'm soaking up everything I can learn about the city. I'm looking for restaurants to try out when we come there in March.

  2. well… hmph! I left a comment on the AcitrĂłn review and it seems to have disappeared into the ether.

    I think you are a tough critic but I agree most of the time with the reviews – that's for the places I've actually been. You clearly eat out more than I do 🙂

  3. Not sure what you mean by feedback.

    If you mean the verbal kind, then that´s easy and I´m happy to provide some – Your reviews are rubbish, lacking much in the way of wit, wisdom or insight … I ate there, the service was poor, the bill was so much, blah, blah, blah … In short, they remind me of a schoolboy´s homework, only without the naive charm.

    If, on the other hand, you mean some sort of financial remuneration then all I can say is that for a socialist you sure are quick to adopt a capitalist approach when it suits you. The only trouble is, we capitalists tend to insist that we get value for the money we spend – that it is earned and deserved, not handed out willy-nilly – which is probably why you´re not receiving very much. No doubt this also explains why you´re so opposed to the capitalist system in the first place.

  4. I am reading, but I don't like Sushi,so I have nothing to say regarding that review. As for service, I agree, the place where Merida falls down in almost everything is the finishing details. Corners not square, food good but waiters inadequate, good waiters are hard to find.
    We just had breakfast downtown at a new place (whose name escapes me, but I think it's something like Merida Blanca across from Cafe Habana), and we were shocked at the level of service! someone opened the door, the greeter seated us, the waiter came over immediately. We had a question that the waiter couldn't answer, the manager came immediately. The greeter opened the door for us, in fact she was waiting at the door. Plus, someone came by often enough (not so often to be pesky) to see if we needed more coffee etc.
    The food was good,not fabulous, but good, and the price fair. I guess I need to review the place on my blog.
    Keep eating, keep writing, people are reading!

    ps I-phone, pod casts et al are beyond me.

  5. Would you provide the addresses of the places that you visit? Also, I haven't read all the way through-but for sushi try CAMPAY in Col. Mexico–C. 19.

  6. Bill, I lurk and seldom post but will provide some feedback because you asked.

    I am familiar with Merida and many of the communities in the Yucatan that you post about so I come here often. I also know something about Vancouver and some parts of Houston so I am seldom disappointed. Keep it up I can usually taste the delicacies.

    Along the coasts everywhere in Mexico I use pescado a la Veracruzana as a benchmark dish. In the Yucatan its papadzules, huevos motulenos and queso relleno that act as my markers for a good place to recommend.

    I'd be interested in your ratings of top spots for botanas. I've found restaurants in the Progreso/Chicxulub area to provide my favorites. You haven't lived until you've had the salchichas en salsa dulce or garlic infused mayonesa with Mexican Ritz crackers at Los Tiburones in Chicxulub on a Sunday of one of the grand transvestite Shows.


    ps – for some reason you have been showing up on my facebook page as a potential friend, I'm guessing its because of an email exchange about

  7. Our wedding anniversary is soon and Husband wants to go out to dinner. What's your recommendation for a romantic dinner (no sushi please!).

  8. Have you been to Xcanatun? Despite the occasionally underpar service, the room is gorgeous and the food excellent.

    La Recova is my favourite for a thick hunk of meat, perfectly cooked with a nice bottle of wine and probably Meridas' best service. Fantastic room and perfect AC throughout.

    Of the two, Xcanatun is probably more romantic as La Recova is a collection of large open spaces.

    Trotters has one or two things on the menu worth sampling (steak au poivre) and they have great wine and people watching. The ambience is hip yet subdued.

    If you want homey, try that little fondue place on Circuito Colonias by the Tigsa gas company. They have 3 tables…

    Haven't been to DueTorri for a while, but that was a great place for a romantic dinner.

  9. We have been to Duo Torre Or Due Torri or what ever it's called. before and the food and service was great. Our only problem is we can't remember how to get there! We went there for a birthday dinner and the directions we got were less than clear, eventually we found it, but it was so round about we are totally confused.
    Trotters didn't impress me when we went (but that was about three years ago) and we almost choked on the smoke (who puts the non smoking section ABOVE the smoking?) now that smoking is not allowed….
    It's Husband's anniversary too, he might like a thick hunk of meat for a change. And Xcantun has possiblities.

  10. You are welcome Theresa! Due Torri is across from the Jardin de Niños Cri Cri which is helpful only if you are taxi-ing.

    If you come from Montejo, turn right on the avenida at Burger King, continue on past the Avenida Felipe Carrillo Puerto. At the next set of lights, turn left. It is straight ahead on your left.

  11. I've really been enjoying your reviews while planning my trip to Merida, which begins in less than a week now! I am really excited to try Acqua and the Colonos place. The only thing that would help in some cases is clearer location info.
    I didn't see anywhere on your blog that you are a socialist, but that makes me like you even better.

  12. Thanks Rebecca. The socialist thing is a mystery to me too. Whatever. I love people that hate me but can't stop reading me.

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