A Novel Costco Promotion

So there you are in Costco, checking out the beautiful books on display, one of which is opened and on top, because it is the Mexican way to shrink-wrap all books for your enjoyment. Really.

If you go to Merida’s “leading” book stores, Dante and Ghandi, you will see what I mean. ALL the books are – besides being unceremoniously crammed into every available space with no room left for a nice display – shrink wrapped so as to prevent people from opening them. If you are polite, you can ask to have one opened and perhaps you will not get the frowny acquiescence from the “sales” person as she removes the plastic enclosing the literary treasure.

No wonder people don’t read.


The cookbook illustrated above features recipes and is supposedly directed at somewhat culinarily (yes, I make these words up) sensitive audience, which would probably be NOT really that interested in their fabulous promotion.

Sor Juana and all that? Sounds a little more sophisticated than a freakin’ hot dog and refresco.

5 thoughts on “A Novel Costco Promotion

  1. There is something tragic about them finally getting Sor Juana into the kitchen. She was a great mind, an intellectual, a poet and so much more. A happy homemaker? Not so much. . . sigh.

  2. I can’t wait for the next few in the series, Elena Garro’s How to Remove Any Stain (and I Mean ANY!) and Elena Poniatowska’s Ladies’ Guide to Etiquette When Entertaining.

    Costco is currently selling some rather beautiful (and huge) French and Greek cookbooks for 150 pesos (mas o menos.) I picked one up the other night. I don’t know if the recipes are any good, but the books sure are gorgeously printed.

  3. Hey me too! I bought the Greek one! It is absolutely freakin’ gorgeous!!

    And the next book in the Women in the Kitchen (where they belong – joke, OK) series could be Frida Kahlo’s How To Keep Your Monkey Happy – A Collection of Easy and Fun Hand-Selected Banana Recipes.

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