Casual Restaurant Critic visits the Santa Rosa Hacienda

On a recent trip to Maxcanú, the Critic along for the ride noticed signs for the hacienda Santa Rosa (a Starwood-run luxury hotel) and decided that a stop might be in order, to both see the hotel and if possible, have something to eat there.

Familiar with the strict entry procedure at Temozon, another Starwood hacienda, the Critic was surprised that the gardeners out front just said “adelante” when asked if he could pop in for a look. It turns out that all the guests had left and the Critic was the only non-staff person in the hotel.

In spite of this, the outdoor restaurant was set up with fresh flower arrangements and cutlery on each table, ready in case someone (like the Critic) showed up hungry. A friendly receptionist ushered the Critic to the table and a very friendly and deferential waiter proceeded to take the order. If you, dear reader, have been to the Temozón hacienda for a meal, you know that the waiters are not at all at the same luxe level as the place they are in and the food they are serving. Here at Santa Rosa, the service definitely and happily is.


Homemade bread and butter (two kinds) were brought out and the bread, lo and behold was warm. Delicious.


A pasta dish was ordered – spaghetti in a chaya pesto sauce with fresh cherry tomatoes and some parmesan cheese. Simple, pretty and very tasty.

Spaghetti w Chaya Pesto

Spaghetti w Chaya Pesto

The bill came to $215 pesos, which was the pasta and a glass of refreshing jamaica.

The thing that made the meal exceptional was the service and the fact that they were perfectly happy to serve just one person when they could easily have closed the place while they awaited more guests. It is a very civilized place to have a meal if you are in the area exploring and the receptionist said that meals are always available, but to check first, in case the hotel is full or there is a special event like a wedding.

More info on the hacienda Santa Rosa on the Starwood website here.



4 thoughts on “Casual Restaurant Critic visits the Santa Rosa Hacienda

  1. Chaya pesto? I’m there. Can you describe the flavors in it–besides the “chaya? ” What seeds/nuts did they use? Any herbs? Got any more questions, Jody? Sorry–it sounds so good to me. Enquiring minds want to know.

  2. Hola Jody! Actually, the pasta was cooked perfectly, which was unusual as in most places it is over or undercooked when they are trying to find that al dente point. The Chaya pesto was interesting, not overly flavorful in that nothing predominated, a definite “green” taste if you know what I mean and lots of olive oil which I love. I could not distinguish any particular nutty element. The tomatos were slightly cooked so adding them to a mouthful of pasta made them pop in my mouth.

  3. Hi there WL. The hubby and I spent a weekend not that long ago at Santa Rosa to celebrate my birthday. . . the one where you become eligible for OAS as well as CPP (old age security and Canada pension plan to your non canuck readers) The room was fabulous, the food at the restaurant worth every peso, as well as exquisite wine, a wonderful Mayan spa, a tranquil setting and an enjoyable swim in the pool. I would return in a heart beat!

  4. Hi Ms B! Lovely place indeed – I didn’t see much in the way of a spa there though, just the little room behind the library. Is there more? As for the rest of it, absolutely gorgeous.

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