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Casual Restaurant Critic Burger Slapdown: Elevation vs. Angry Angus

Exciting stuff – a burger slapdown.

In this corner, at a trim 57 kilos, Elevation Burger. A big blue-themed restaurant that smacks of fast foodiness but offers a fresh and organic take on the hamburger, according to all the hype and publicity. The Critic has heard people whine on about how expensive the burgers are and this is probably the case, but have you seen the price of organic meat in Costco vs the regular hormone and steroid kind? You are what you eat, and that is another slogan on the wall of Elevation.

The Critic was underwhelmed by the size of the burger – a plain burger accompanied by large fries – and overwhelmed by the fries, which were huge and so tasty that he couldn’t stop eating them in spite of the fact that his arteries were visibly constricting. The burger, while small was very tasty. The meat (one patty) was meaty, not pasty and the tomato, lettuce and pickle were refreshingly cold. Real Cheddar too. It tasted like a burger you would make at home. Satisfying. Cost? $160 pesos fries and burger, no drink.

And in this corner, weighing in at 104 sloppy, smoky kilos, Angry Angus. Not sure about the name but the burgers are all extremely loaded up with extras and the prices are  much lower than our elevated contender. Of course AA doesn’t need to pay a huge franchise fee in USD and probably pays a fraction of the rent. The burgers are huge, absolutely crammed with extras and accompanied by fries that are fresh and hot. On this occasion the Critic had a burger with chistorra, that tasty fatty Argentinian sausage, plus real Cheddar cheese and god knows what else. It was hard to wrap his lips around this thing. Sloppy, messy, tasty, fatty and ultimately satisfying. The cost? 99 pesos. Yup, that’s it.

Service at Elevation was fast-food style although they did make an (inconsistent) effort to have someone open the door for arriving or departing guests.  Ambience again was fast food-y and instead of orange and white, the colors were blue and white. The kitchen is open and clean.

Service at Angry Angus was amazingly good, considering you are really out on the street. Ambience is, well, out on the street. There is a TV, of course, and you can see the giant grill off to one side where a host of burger people are busily cranking out the wares.

The winner of this smackdown? Based on taste, service and price, the clear winner is Angry Angus. Go tonight, the place opens at 7 PM.

Links and more info:

Elevation Burger:

Angry Angus:


Outraged at Tree Removal

IMG_0441 I would hardly consider myself a tree-hugger, but I do love me some trees. And to see a huge, healthy and obviously old tree reduced to firewood in a day, in order to comply with “Mover a Mexico” the federal government’s plan to build more highways and infrastructure, was so saddening.IMG_0437

Apparently we need yet another bridge/overpass on Merida’s periférico ring road and the tree was in the way of this progress and the planners strategic objective of converting Merida into another automobile-centric Distrito Federal or worse, Los Angeles.  Of course these big contracts mean big payouts and payoffs to those approving and participating in these large infrastructure projects that are so necessary to make certain segments of society feel like they are ‘modern’ and ‘progressing’.


How much media play as a forward thinking, environmentally aware administration do you think the city could have gotten out of building a on ramp or overpass or whatever around this tree? Is it really that difficult for planners and engineers to think outside their square box? Do we even need another overpass when there is one just 300 meters away?

And before you misguided Yucatecans (there are a few out there) jump all over me and tell me to go back to where I came from, let me assure you that I am speaking as someone who loves the city and the state and can not fathom the need to emulate the ugly urban sprawl that is so prevalent in the rest of the country, instead of planning something better for our children and grand children and using the talented people we have here to come up with a friendlier, greener and healthier city.