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Here’s a little mini-review from the Casual Restaurant Critic on just one of the many food trucks now sprouting up all over the place; Truck Chef is one of the more popular options.

This food truck features burgers for the most part and they are good; worth hunting down a location which you an do my checking their Facebook page, which also features a lot of really enticing photos that will make your mouth water. Besides burgers there are also some healthier options (pork belly tacos are not only delicious, they are healthy. Aren’t they???) and the whole menu has a rock and roll theme, in case you hadn’t picked up on that.

Verdict? Good stuff!




2 thoughts on “Casual Restaurant Critic – Truck Chef

  1. We had the veggie tacos, which had so much savory flavor. Why am I always surprised had how much flavor can be gotten from well-seasoned veggies? I shouldn’t be by now. I’d pick those over pork any day of the week (except Sunday, when I really need to have cochinita).

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