Casual Restaurant Critic at El Globo

What is all the fuss about El Globo, the Critic wonders. And so, in he goes to see what’s there; at the Prolongacion Montejo location. There he is “greeted” by somewhat indifferent employees who look just a tad bored. Orders a cappuccino which is alright.

And the bread? Picked up 3 different pastries and only one was really edible; a thick, bready ‘chocolatin’ which is a poor imitation of a ‘pain au chocolate’ which is so, so much better at Petite Delice, where a French-trained pastry chef makes them flaky and perfectly.

Overall impression? Meh.

Don’t understand what the fuss is about. You can safely never go here and won’t be damaged for life.

4 thoughts on “Casual Restaurant Critic at El Globo

  1. I was glad to hear you mention Petite Delice. It was one of our favorite places last year.
    Too many places that we like disappear before we return for our yearly trip to Merida.

  2. Agreed. Their chocolate almond croissant is a dream, and their coffee is the best. And it’s true, many places don’t last because they haven’t thought out their plan properly, fall into a price competition spiral and then they’re gone.

  3. I’m with you on this one, WL, although our friends rave about the breads (I think Meyer’s Pan de Sol is the best in town).

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