The Casual Restaurant Critic at Miyabi Plaza Arbol

The Casual Restaurant Critic recently had the opportunity to have dinner at the new Miyabi location on Prolongacion Montejo at 17 street, in the Colonia Mexico section of northern Merida. It is in a little shopping plaza called Plaza Arbolm named after the arbol (tree) that was incorporated in spectacular fashion into the design of the new Miyabi restaurant.

The sushi is as good as usual, nothing new to report there, and they are working out some kinks with the service due to the fact that waiters that want to work in a very busy environment are hard to come by, according to one of the owners.

The Critics only quibble would be the 3 point font used on the menu, which is impossible for most anyone to read, especially in the subdued lighting.

Kudos to the architectural firms who design the place (there were two) who decided to go against the time-honored local tradition of cutting down the tree that was obviously in the way. Maybe some other architects can learn from this, especially those charged with designing new residential developments.

The Critic recommends going if just to experience the amazing surroundings. And a little sashimi, why not.


6 thoughts on “The Casual Restaurant Critic at Miyabi Plaza Arbol

  1. A few blocks from my home in Campestre and dined there last week agree with your review
    Wonderful atmosphere, great sushi but the staff needs Trainning from the front door on. All kinds of empty tables as it was early and we waited ten minutes to be seated. Then had a heck of a time getting our waiters attention. I hope they can fix that one aspect as otherwise GREAT JOB

  2. It has been a while since you wrote this but it was at the back of my mind, so on Saturday we arrived with eager anticipation. You forgot to mention the requirement for Class IV ear protection. It looked pretty, but boy was it noisy, and so we left and went elsewhere. This trend for eating whilst being deafened seems popular ; maybe they are catering for people who don’t like to chat.

  3. Have you been to Sonora Grill? Either we are getting old or this is the new fad as you point out: to deafen one’s clients while feeding them. Screw that, not interested. It wasn’t noisy on our visit, perhaps you went later int the evening when all the cool people are out?

  4. No, and having just had a quick peek at some reviews on TA I think we will avoid Sonora Grill as well. I don’t think we are getting old! But a friend in the restaurant business here believes that you cannot capture the super-cool-trending -up-marketeers without ear-bleeding music. I go to a lot of gigs, I like loud music, really loud, just not when I want a social meal. I am also getting discouraged by the cloned designs the lazy architects are using: black steel, varnished wood, filament style dim bulbs.

  5. Too cool for me. Call me old then. I did also notice the architecture such as it is, and the art for the logos is al looking the same as well.

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