Where are the Trees?

Is it really April already? How time flies when your life is passing you by! The March issue of NotTheNews was fun; all about Long Beach, California, it actually got some readers to write back in Long Beach’s defense, which was pleasant. There is nothing more pleasing for an aspiring neurotic writer than getting some feedback. It could be good, bad, or scathing. It doesn’t matter. Any feedback is good. As Brian Regan, the comic, says “It’s all good”.

At the moment, I am more than a little concerned with the ever-declining tree population in Merida and the Yucatan in general. The big picture, when seen from the air as in an airplane when you are flyoing somewhere from Merida, is that there is still lots of greenery out there. Huge tracts of land, green and lush. But the development that is happening around Merida, the outskirts so to speak, are square white and grey stains on this green landscape and it is pretty frightening.

Merida’s centro and the older colonias still look pretty balanced as far as white and grey concrete vs. green oxygen-providing vegetation. But all those new developments, especially the larger ones like Francisco de Montejo to the north and Juan Pablo II in the south, are completely devoid of anything green.

I am rambling I know but this is the beginning of the end of life in the Yucatan as we know it. The rural, peaceful, relaxed and the “hammock under a huge shade tree” feel of the Yucatan will make way for the urban, rushed, noisy, tree-less absolute mess that is Mexico City. The entire country is patterned on the way development has progressed in Mexico City; that seems to be the natural direction and example to follow.

More later….

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