Presidential Candidate Proposals – More of the Wish List

Madrazo – oh I’m sorry, it’s just ‘Roberto’ now – has one billboard that states “Fair Pensions: Madrazo Can Do It”.

How: there is no indication of how, nor where the money for those fair pensions will come from which could be a problem because ‘Roberto’ aka David Copperfield is also going to lower the price of gas, gasoline and electricity. Battered women and domestic violence? Violence and crime in general? Roberto ‘El Mago Korbel’ has this all under control. Don’t you worry about a thing.

All these vacuous proposals say so little and leave one wondering how in the world these catchy slogans are going to translate into actual actions.

I have a few more proposals I would like to see a presidential candidate make.


The bloated, corrupt and self serving labor unions have served their purpose, since the days of the slave-like haciendas are over and the world is growing smaller and becoming one homogenous mass of humanity. I would like to see a candidate challenge the notion that some of these union benefits are still viable in 2006 and beyond.

For example, take the union that ‘represents’ the workers of the Comision Federal de Electricidad. Their one outstanding benefit that is a slap in the face to all the other folks who work to pay their bills, is the one that states that all CFE employees get free electricity. Free electricity! The one biggest bill that a homeowner can have is the electricity bill. But all the CFE employees do not have to contend with this one! Cool huh? Cool is right, because all the CFE employee houses have multiple air conditioners on, 24/7. This is so ridiculous that if it wasn’t true it would be laughable. How can a company be profitable and efficient with this kind of overhead. Sorry, but this benefit must go.

Goodbye aguinaldo

Another fine example is the aguinaldo. I have written on these subjects before, but hey, maybe someone with a whole lot of ‘huevos’ will take the initiative. At the end of each year, Mexico’s ancient 15th century labor laws state that employees must receive an additional 15-day paycheck called an aguinaldo. Some companies, and governments in particular, have extended this questionable ‘benefit’ to 1 month or more. How in the world can wages ever be increased if at the end of the year, the employer – the evil ‘patron’ – must shell out additional paychecks. Would it not be more beneficial to increase wages year-round and have people live better year-round?

Hourly Wages

And while I am on the subject of wages, why do employers have to pay a 48 hour work week and the 7th day (of no work) as well? In other words, a 56 hour work week? Another reflection on the ridiculously ancient labor laws in effect in this crazy country.

It is time to get those wage laws into the 21st century and I would love to hear some presidential candidate say that his proposal was to move to an hourly salary for employees. An hourly salary based on productivity and flexible enough to accomodate students, part-timers, working Moms and the employers themselves.

Hopefully a presidential candidate, if not for this election, a future one, is reading this…

2 thoughts on “Presidential Candidate Proposals – More of the Wish List

  1. ¿Who are you? ¿Why do you write about “el Mago Korbel”? Do you know him? He is my father and it is interesting that you talk about him. Saludos desde Mérida

  2. El hijo del Mago Korbel! It is an honour to have you visit my site! I do not have the pleasure of knowing him personally, but have heard of him and seen his publicidad in the Centro. It would be fun to do a short biography of him on this website! What do you think?

    Thanks for writing!

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