From White City to Red City – More Lawlessness: Juvenile Murder OK

This would be hilarious if it wasn’t quite so frightening. A teenager was killed – stabbed to death – in the last few days by another teenager. The police apprehended the killer who turned out to be a juvenile (under 18 here) and when the individual appeared before the judge, the case was thrown out because


Apparently there is some sort of loophole at the local level that doesn’t quite jibe with the rest of the country’s criminal laws. So, the same old tired PRI, PRD and PAN politicians discuss and argue about the trivialities and stupidities they argue about, usually involving funding of something or other, while this charming and little known (until this latest case brought it up) problem lies waiting for another life to be lost without consequence.

Imagine the impact on a previously unknown segment of the tourism industry! Their slogan could be: If you are 17 and want to kill someone, no problem! You don’t have to enlist in the Marines and go through all that training to go to Iraq, just come to Merida and fulfill your fantasy without fear of consequence! Stab ’em, rob ’em, kill ’em. No problem. Merida – the Red City!

Of course this could wreak havoc with other tourism industry market segments, like all those gringos who have come down to buy old houses and inflate real estate prices, retiring and all that.

I am hoping that enough gringos read this before coming to Merida and that they will think twice about it; hopefully the tourism sector will protest with the potential in lost revenue and something will be done. In the past, my little website has been criticized by a few ignorant locals who think that it causes economic harm to the Yucatan. Well I hope this particular news item DOES cause economic harm and makes all the idiot politicians get their priorities straight.

4 thoughts on “From White City to Red City – More Lawlessness: Juvenile Murder OK

  1. You’re not kidding…
    apparently the hard-working state Congress was too busy doing ??? to formulate the new law, which would then be in line with the federal guidelines. This has been going on for about THREE WEEKS. But, don’t worry: according to the Diario, yesterday “our representatives” were working ALL DAY and EVEN INTO THE NIGHT…and we are promised that by EARLY NEXT WEEK, they’ll have a new law in place that does…something…with the 16-18 year old offenders….the question is: will they then put the “kids” that have been released via this loophole back in jail????

  2. Yeah, I bet they are really working HARD on this. *sarcastic chuckle* The only way these dumb asses will react is if it affect$$$ them $omehow. So hopefully this will help get the word out!

  3. They sure are working HARD…but at HOME…the congress agreed to take a three day break, so that they could all STUDY THE PROPOSED NEW LAW AT HOME!!!! No distractions!!! I’m feeling a lot better now.

  4. And at HOME do you really think they are WORKING or maybe they decided to go to Uaymitun to hang out at the beach house? Thanks for the info, I feel a lot safer too!

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