Jesus helps out with math

One of the funny things to me – an anglo atheist – about living in a latino catholic culture is the predominance of people named after the bible’s main character, Jesus, as well as the two supporting actors Maria and Joseph. It seems that absolutely everyone is called at least Jose or Maria with the addition of another, more regular name.

The other day my daughter exclaimed to me “Jesus (Hay-SOOS) helped me with my math”. Of course she was talking about one of her classmates who shares a name with our biblical protagonist, but when we translated it into English we both thought the phrase was extremely hilarious, especially coming from her, the daughter of the afore-mentioned anglo atheist.

Who knew that Jesus was into algebra?

One thought on “Jesus helps out with math

  1. Jesus is not only helping with math…
    Somewhere on a corner in Chuburna there is a little shop …del Niño Jesus…
    Didn’t even know he was in business…
    Being Shinto it’s hard to live in a country with a high level of Christianity on one side and to be forced to accept bribe, cheat, lie and no law enforcement as daily habit….

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