Your Own Personal Driver in the Yucatan!

It’s time I took my love of driving and exploring the Yucatan to the next level.

Personally, I like to rent a car when I travel. There’s nothing worse – to me – than being herded around like some sort of passive cow, having to adhere to someone else’s times and interests. Sometimes I like to just stop and have a coffee, buy some roadside peanuts, climb a hill that turns out to be a Mayan ruin or whatever.

But some folks don’t have the time or the inclination to rent a car themselves and don’t want to use public transportation. And they enjoy getting some clear answers to their questions on life in the Yucatan; objective opinions on what’s worth seeing and what’s a total tourist trap.

So. In between NotTheNews updates and Casual Restaurant Critic outings as well as regular work, I am going to offer this service – for a limited time to gauge the interest and demand – to those who want the convenience of a comfortable car with a knowledgeable driver AND the complete flexibility to do whatever they want, when they want.

The advantages are:

  • No waiting for a rental car or bus
  • No hassle with that rental car
  • No argument about the rate
  • No worries about damage waivers and insurance
  • No worries about gassing up before or after and where
  • No worries about getting lost
  • No worries about missing the bus
  • Flexible itineraries based on what YOU want to do and see and WHEN you want to do it
  • Being able to pick the brain on life in Yucatan from someone who has lived here for 19 years now
  • Getting to places off the beaten track that are not in most guidebooks (if any)

One of the things I want to specialize in is taking you to those wierd and wonderful, great and out of the way, known and unknown eateries that can be found in Merida that you might not get to if you were renting or bussing. Like La Susana Internacional in downtown Kanasin, home of possibly the World’s Finest Panucho. Hey I like to eat. What can I say.

Email me and we can discuss your travel plans for the Yucatan peninsula, if you will be based in – or visiting – the formerly white city of Merida.

Cheers and thanks for putting up with this totally commercial post!

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