NotTheNews is back in it’s original format

And when I say original format, I am being facetious since my ‘formatting’ abilities are extremely limited.

As you may know, this blog was started as I looked around for a way to continue my neurotic ramblings on life in Merida after Geocities/Yahoo informed me that the ‘free’ space I had was rapidly filling up.

Doing a quick check on the internet last week, I found that the name “” had been dropped by someone and was now available. I snatched the name and committed myself to a longer relationship with the folks at Yahoo, hosting the site there and actually paying them.

In other words, NotTheNews will continue there, as opposed to all those other options I was trying to juggle (, this blog, the old Geocities site). All the archives are still at and all the new stuff will be located at from this moment on (as Shania Twain would say).

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me.

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