Oh yeah, Cholo

In a previous post on the Yucatan gubernatorial (is that even a word?) candidates, I don’t think I mentioned Cholo aka Hector Herrera, a regional comic/comedian who has been doing regional theater (read extremely local humor) for years now.

He is in the running (although he is way behind and seen as not having a hope in hell of getting any substantial amounts of votes) for the pathetic PRD party. The party that is full of ex-PRI politicians and spend their time raising hell and complaining about everything. The party that gave Mexico Mr. Lopez Obrador as a presidential candidate who lost his mind during and after the last presidential elections.

If I could vote – alas my foreign status prohibits it – I would vote for Cholo! He sounds like a fun option to all the boring and/or corrupt politicians out there, sweating in the pueblos, posing for photos with the Mayan villagers whom they could care less about. At least with Cholo, we could have a laugh as he bumbles his way through the pitfalls of Mexican politics…

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