La Tradicion – Revisted

If there is one thing the Critic likes, it is his Yucatecan food. And so, along with his better half, he visited once again the Yucatecan La Tradicion, where chef David Cetina whips up authentic and non-pretentious cuisine from Yucatecan family recipes.

As in the last visit, the food this time around was absolutely wonderful; scrumptious queso relleno, hearty lomitos de valladolid, classic papadzules and crispy/chewy well seasoned longaniza. The Critic cannot find a flaw with the food.

The excellent service, such a rarity in Merida, was friendly, efficient and fast.

In fact, the only miniscule detail in detriment to the restaurant’s rating, were the saucers (think cups and saucers) placed on the table as side dishes, but this is so common that the Critic has almost given up on this niggling detail.

The Casual Restaurant Critic maintains La Tradicion at a solid 4.5 out of 5.

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