Policemen shot in Mérida

It just keeps getting worse.

While the pregnant woman killed in Monte Bello a few weeks ago turned out not be drug-related (a prime suspect is her husband) to the relief of many, the specter of what is happening in the rest of the country as far as narcos vs. policia looms large on the Yucatecan horizon.

The narco-violencia appears to have finally arrived in the Yucatán. Yesterday two policemen were shot at; one was killed and the other seriously hurt. The assailants fled in a car they stole from a passerby. Apparently, according to the Diario (so it must be true) the bad guys were able to rob the car only after their first attempt was thwarted by the woman who owned the first vehicle who screamed and threw her car keys far away. I would call her either very plucky or very stupid to be arguing with armed robbers. Maybe she just didn’t know who she was dealing with…

It’s so depressing. The old saying, “En Yucatan No Pasa Nada” is going to have to be slightly modified if this keeps up.

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