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There is a new place to eat in the Gran Plaza (actually, there are several new ones, but the Critic has a limited budget and who wants to spend it all on mall food, even if it is for research) called Cuban Grill, specializing in, you guessed it, Cuban food.

Tired of Win Fa (reviewed earlier on this site) the Critic and his Mini Critic visited the Cuban Grill for lunch the other day. What was found was a rather un-Cuban employee who stared back at the Critic with boredom, then offered some samples. Un-Cuban because you imagine a Cuban to be a little more lively. It was rather disconcerting to receive, from the naked hand of this sallow-faced employee, samples of their dishes placed precariously on toasted banana chips. Who knows where those hands have been…

They have Congrí, the traditional black beans and rice (or rice with black beans, depending on your point of view), which in this case is rather tasteless. The Critic had this, along with the garbanzo beans fried with chicken or pork, the Critic was unable to tell, and the afore-mentioned banana chips. The employee took great care to accommodate it all on an optimistically over sized Styrofoam platter, spreading the garbanzo dish carefully like peanut butter to make sure it covered the area it was supposed to and looked like more than it actually was.

All in all, it was a lackluster choice; the garbanzo dish was quite simple, which means it didn’t really taste like much and the rice n beans was no better. That, and the lackluster attention received from the fellow behind the counter, made for a truly unspectacular lunch. The price? Under $40.00 for one person, which includes a can of soda.

From 1 – 5, this new place receives a solid 1. A waste of time, calories and money.

11 thoughts on “Cuban Grill – Gran Plaza Mall

  1. we checked out the Cuban grill on Valentines Day. We had decided to go to the movies and didn’t time it right, so we had time to kill.
    We shared a plate, so we had ropa vieja, garbanzos, the congrì,and bananas. First the bananas were Yucatecan style,made with ripe platanos machos, not tostones which require more work and are made with green ones. They were fine, but not what I think of when I think of Cuban food.
    The ropa vieja needed salt or something, it probably didn’t have enough bell pepper.
    I liked the garbanzos, it isn’t a dish that I am familiar with so I don’t know what it’s supposed to taste like.
    When I think of congrì, I think of red beans not black. Black beans and white rice is cristianos y moros (or is that moros y cristianos?)but I think the choice of beans depends upon where you are in Cuba. Either way the dish needed more salt, and usually it’s served with bacon, so that adds to the taste.
    My husband said the young man behind the cash register (there were 2 guys there) slurred his words like a Cuban, but I didn’t notice. He claims that when Cubans talk Spanish it’s just one long word.
    If you want good Cuban food try Un Rincon de Cuba, they now have a place on the malecon in Progreso too.

  2. Here’s the address Av Correa Racho No. 380 x 9y11 Col Diaz Ordaz, Merida

    Try to go for the Sunday buffet, they have lechon! I don’t usually do buffets, but this one is pretty good.

  3. As a matter of fact, the Casual Restaurant has probably eaten here! It was delicious, especially some beans that were not on the menu but someone knew about and asked for… mmm. More research is required. Thanks, Theresa!

  4. He ido en varias ocasiones a Cuban Grill.. creo q no es cierto lo que comentan en este blog.. realmente la calidad es unica. verdadero sabor cubano. De hecho pienso que es y sera muy exitoso porque tienen un concepto con muy buen diseno y bien estudiado con posibilidades de franquiciarse, no solo en mexico sino en el exterior. La cantidad de clientes satisfechos que tienen se puede apreciar en una sola visita. No existe competencia para ellos, he visitado cuba, usa y esta a la altura de los mejores. Se los recomiendo.

  5. Cuban Grill me parece una buena opción en Mérida, he comido ahí en dos oportunidades y puedo decir que su comida es muy típica y con calidad, sobre todo las carnes, las masas de cerdo y la pierna, los garbanzos, el congri es exquisito, estos platos los he probado en Cuba en un restaurant que se llama El Aljibe, El Palenque y la tradicional Bodeguita del Medio, los exhorto a que asistan..

  6. Estuve en la Gran Plaza la semana anterior con mi familia y todos quedamos muy complacidos y satisfechos con el sabor y la calidad de la comida que oferta Cuban Grill, así como con el servicio y lo curioso de la decoración del originalidad…les sugiero prueben la ropa vieja y masas de cerdo fritas y el garbanzo…Buen Provecho!!!

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