Perros vs. Humans

A quickie (post) this morning.

I was snooping around Facebook and saw that one of my online contacts from Tabasco had joined a group that is called:

“vetemos el arte de guillermo habacuc vargas un maldito asesino de perro”

which is a group dedicated to banning the art of this Guillermo fellow who apparently killed a dog in the name of art.

Now this group, created in 2007 on Facebook, has over 21,000 members!

Just for laughs, I looked up Padrino Fonseca, who is the beloved Tabasco journalist shot to death a few days ago while putting up signs that said ‘No More Violence’. Really, it’s true, I am not making this up.

The Facebook group just created with him as it’s subject had 21 members this morning. Now it has 22. 🙂

Then I thought, well that’s not fair, this event just happened. So I looked for groups with the words ‘Iraq Victims’ in them. There are quite a few pages for groups that come up, including “Hillary 08” and “Let’s Put George W. Bush’s face on Mt. Rushmore”. Really. But the ones that were about Iraqui Victims of the war, numbered in the hundreds of members. Not much interest there.

There’s something about cruelty to animals that brings out some really strong reactions while cruelty to other humans seems somehow to cause less of a reaction.

2 thoughts on “Perros vs. Humans

  1. I react more to animal cruelty than human, except for children and old people. I think it is because I believe that most of the time, adults have more volition and can effect changes for themselves. Not always true, I know. It is how it effects me though. Well, also, I had a career that meant you had to toughen up about human cruelty. Humans are really cruel to each other, so perhaps that is how I got to the idea that they deserve each other. Animals, did nothing to deserve the cruelty that is dished out to them. It is one of the things I dislike the most about this country, the random cruelty to animals. I learned to ignore it most of the time, because I want to live here. Sometimes though… I just want to do the same to them as they are doing to an animal. Instead, I just yell at them.

  2. Yelling is good. I hadn’t thought of the fact that animals don’t provoke the cruelty they get from some humans; what has a bull done all his life to find himself in a ring with a bunch of mini spears stuck in his neck and thousands of humans screaming at him. I was thinking more about the reaction, but I guess your point makes sense. Cheers

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