Response to ADO and his Rude Remarks

In case you missed it, an even more neurotic reader of blogs than I visited this blog and commented on my ‘shout out to the Israelis’ post. His rant goes something like this:

ADO said…
Agree with you on the decrepit facilities available to tourists in Mexico.
As for Gaza, perhaps it has escaped your attention that the Hamas government,and its other terrorist friends, has been lobbing missiles at Israelis and snatching Israelis, and that the on-again, off-again blockade by Israel, at its checkpoints, is a direct response to terror attacks. As for the blockade, take a look at the map and discover that both Egypt and Israel blockade Gaza, with the ok of the Abbas PLA government of the so-called territories/”West Bank.”

Or do you just like to take potshots at Jews? There is NO valid comparison between the holocaust and the defensive measures taken by the State of Israel, except to a amoral lover of “progressive” dictators like ex-Pres. Jimmy Carter.

I was going to respond to the post as a comment, but got carried away. Too much text for a simple ‘comment’ so here it is, in post form.

Hey, thanks for stopping by and insulting me! Always appreciate the right wing coming in, fist in the air, to invalidate anyone else’s opinion. I especially enjoyed the Dictator Carter remark – made me laugh out loud and that doesn’t happen often in these troubled times.

Thinking back, and now that you mention it, I distinctly remember his militant Carter Jugend, with peanuts embroidered on their short sleeved shirts as they tramped through the streets of Georgia, shouting “Down to the Cashew Eaters”.

It has not escaped my attention, as you suggest, that there are missiles being lobbed and Israelis being snatched.

Perhaps it has escaped YOUR attention that the retaliatory measures Israel has imposed are not limited to a blockade designed to magically starve out the bad guys, but has also included bombing on any and all possible targets, civilians be damned, as well as Palestinians being harassed, beaten and arrested. My point was that a people (Israelis) who had suffered so much, would perhaps have a bit more compassion than say, the USA which in the last few decades dumps bombs first and asks questions later.

Another interesting idea that just popped into my head is that the Mossad is one of the world’s best ‘intelligence’ and ‘covert ops’ outfits. Do you not think that they could perhaps do some infiltrating and bring the perps to justice, much like the USA could have done after 9/11 instead of randomly invading Afghanistan?

Back to the blockade – which is not on again, off again, but has been a continuous thing – and which is supposed to somehow make the Palestinians say “Oh, OK. Um, yeah. Let’s get those bad guys that are hiding among us and turn them over to the nice Israelis who have shown that they are more than willing to deal with us fairly”.

Let’s see. People are starving, they have no food, water, electricity. Medical supplies. Students accepted abroad cannot leave thank you very much. If this was happening in your redneck town, do you think you would get perhaps just a little pissed off and might consider JOINING those criminal elements in Redneckville instead of turning them in to the authorities that are starving your kids? Hmm. Tough one.

And, blockades work so well. Look at how effective the Cuban blockade has been. Thanks to the USA, we still have a communist country in this hemisphere!

And don’t take it from me – check out what’s in the news:

United Nations human rights chief Navi Pillay has accused Israel of “unprecedented and deeply regrettable” treatment of UN human rights investigator Richard Falk. Falk was deported from Israel Monday after being detained at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport for twenty hours. Falk’s detention and expulsion came days after he condemned Israel’s blockade of Gaza as a “flagrant and massive violation of international humanitarian law” and “Crime Against Humanity.”

I am by no means taking potshots at Jews. Where the hell does that idea come from? What hyper-sensitive part of your brain picked that up? In mentioning the holocaust, I merely imply that (I am repeating what I mentioned above, in case you didn’t get it) one would expect a little more maturity from a people that has been through so much.

And another thing.

Bite me.

7 thoughts on “Response to ADO and his Rude Remarks

  1. My, my, such thin skin. I’m rude? I was just replying to your broadside against Israel and Jews.

    Your write, in part, “People are starving, they have no food, water, electricity. Medical supplies. Students accepted abroad cannot leave thank you very much.” I gather you are talking about Gaza, and not Somalia. You just are so uninformed. Gazans aren’t starving. The blockade (by Israel AND Egypt, I see you didn’t address that point) is OFF and ON, or don’t you ever see photos of Israeli trucks loaded with food and medical supplies entering Gaza?
    After US criticism, Israel did allow the Fulbright Scholar winners to depart, only to have the USG withdraw the scholarships after, I believe this is the story, after the Abbas government protested the awards. Oh, I’m sorry, I guess you missed that. You’re too busy slamming the Jews to notice anything else.

    As for Falk, his mission was to report Israeli “violations” and ignore Arab “violations.” Good riddance to him. Actually, the Israeli should have found a dud Qassem missile (aimed from Gaza) and sent him back to Gaza tied to a Qassem.

  2. Again the broadside against Jews thing. If anyone has a thin skin its you my dear ADO. I hadn’t heard about Israeli trucks moving food into Gaza; or I wouldn’t have brought have brought it up in the first place. All those nutcases on boats trying to bring things into Gaza and being turned away must be misinformed or something. My apologies to you on what is obviously a gross misunderstanding!!

  3. You wrote, in part, “All those nutcases on boats trying to bring things into Gaza…”

    Nutcases? Ah, we agree on something.


    And if you really do not know that the interruptions of electrical supply are partial (Israel is the main supplier of electricity to Gaza, for which they typically do not get paid), that medical supplies are sent through Israeli checkpoints (except in the immediate days after fresh Qassem rocket attacks against Sderot and other Israeli towns), that Gazans continue to be treated in Israeli hospitals (which means at the cost to Israeli taxpayers), and that food from Israel and Jordan enter through Israeli checkpoints (again except immediately after rocket attacks or other mayhem conducted against Israelis), then you, perhaps like some of the well intentioned “nut cases” are just misinformed.

    Look, the UN and the Arab nations have dedicated years to besmirching Israel, while blind to the true atrocities of the world, from China/Tibet, Burma, Zimbambwe, you name it…

    Anyhow, not to worry, you’ve heard the last from me on this topic. I don’t want to divert you any more from writing about the Yucatan, where you do shine!

  4. If we had a chance to break bread (even the cheap WalMart kind) you would realize that I am the last person to besmirch, launch broadsides against, or belittle anyone, with the notable exception of bullies, hypocrites and extremists, be they individuals or nations.

    I hereby also end this particular conversation and wish you a happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate that brings your loved ones together! Cheers!

  5. For anyone who cares to look up the facts – via multiple news outlets around the world, including some written by Jews in Israel – the blockade of Gaza has been going on since Hamas was elected to govern.

    Now, to side-step just a bit, let us recall that this election was a futile effort of George W. Bush’s – to introduce “democracy” to Gaza – whereupon he expected angels to sing and sugarplums to drop from the sky. Seriously, nearly the entire world entreated Bush, “Do not hold an election in Gaza,” but as his official policy was “democracy, i.e., elections, will cure anything anywhere” the election was held.

    Ooops! Guess who won? Hamas. The people elected those who had been providing food, sustenance and the meager medical care that exists in Gaza. And, wonder of wonders, the people openly and democratically elected Hamas!

    Can you imagine? Little George was in a snit. “Those dang-nabbed Palestinians were supposed to elect the ones I wanted,” he fumed, “Not Hamas!”

    Well, Hamas set about attempting to govern. Israel, with kind acquiescence from the USA, set about blockading the millions of people trapped on that tiny strip of land. And for what? For doing just what Little George wanted — voting in a fair election.

    Now, since there are so many people and so little space (someone having taken the original land owned by many over the last 50 years), nearly everything – food, medicine, building supplies, clothing – must be imported.

    It takes roughly 700 trucks – big trucks – per day. Yes, you read that right 700 trucks per day to keep everyone fed and the hospitals stocked with medicines.

    Israel, for the past many months, had officially been permitting about 150 trucks per day to enter, prior to the “military action” (i.e. slaughter of civilians with tanks and bombs).

    150 trucks worth of food, medicine, baby formula, life essentials, when 700 have been needed.

    Most adults in Gaza have not had more than a single full meal per day for years. You’ll note how thin everyone is in the newscasts.

    At some point, it appears there was a decision made: slowly starve millions of people to death or do something to bring the world’s attention to their plight.

    And so the dastardly rockets started.

    Now, this is where most people’s narratives start up – like ADO. “They were shooting rockets into Israel!” Yes they were. While slowly starving to death in the grip of the Israeli blockade.

    “Israel has the right to defend themselves.” Not with phosphorus bombs – which burns the skin and cannot be put out until the phosphorus is all completely gone, frequently burning all the way through bone and out the other side. Not with 500 lb bombs (they leave a crater 300 ft wide) in dense urban neighborhoods.

    Military actions against a civilian population are always wrong. What Hamas has been doing with the rockets is also wrong.

    But let’s don’t ignore the facts: Hamas came to power because Bush demanded an election. And war crimes against the captive population of Gaza started long before the rockets flew and Israel massively over-retaliated.

  6. As time has passed, we now have access to more “truth” about the Israeli “military action,” courtesy of actual members of the Israeli military:

    1) An old woman killed by a sniper at a distance of 100 yds (meters) just because she was there.

    2) A mother and two small children forced from their home into the line of fire of other snipers. All killed.

    3) Pamphlets distributed and exhortations given by Israeli military rabbis that the “military action” in Gaza was the soldiers’ chance at “holy war” to wipe out the scum.

    4) Many other accounts of barbarity to civilians including the shelling of a building full of over 100 civilians who had been directed (i.e., forced) to go there by the Israeli army for their “safety.”

    Again, these are accounts from members of the Israeli military themselves, not external critics.

    And the reaction of the Israeli government? “We are shocked! SHOCKED! that there is gambling going on in this casino…”

    Cover-up trials to begin shortly.


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