The Blogger Summit

I had the opportunity to meet some fine folks who write blogs about their lives in Mexico at a recent get-together that saw bloggers attend from here in Merida and also Cancun, Playa and Isla Mujeres. It’s actually still going on as I type this. The common thread is that we were all foreigners writing, in one form or another, about life here in Mexico!

There was a half-day of presentations which I found interesting, especially the parts about making money with your blog (forget about it) and finding inspiration. My inspiration has always been kick started by something that really gets under my skin ie pisses me off, but this made me think about other, less energetically angry motivations to write.

After the presentations there was a cantina lunch at La Ruina, which the Casual Restaurant Critic comments on himself so there’s not much point in going on about it here. If you’ve ever been to a cantina, you know that you can do much of your entertainment shopping (CDs, DVDs) there as well as having your shoes polished or perhaps buy smokes or candy from outside salespeople off the street. What really stuck out was the enthusiasm shown by many at the table for the pirate DVDs offered at the cantina. I’m not saying it’s only Mexicans that buy pirata, just that it came as a surprise to see that level of interest.

Thanks to Theresa for setting all this up – I think I am going to invite Jorgito next time there is one of these blogger meet-ups!! I’m sure he would have a blast.

2 thoughts on “The Blogger Summit

  1. Jorgito should totally have come! Any blogger was welcome, there is always next year.
    If he is interested in the Mexico in English project have him send me an email.

  2. I have no idea what the Mexico in English projec is but I’d be delighted to know about it 🙂

    Next time I will be there!

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