Can I Run for Public Office? No.

If I could run for office, here are some of the ‘propuestas‘ I would run on.


As part of a plan to make Yucatan the most ecology-friendly state in the country:

  • An immediate ‘hold’ on all ongoing construction permits to review and if necessary, include, greater ‘green’ areas in all housing developments. A swing set and a palm tree on a minuscule corner lot do not a ‘park’ make, nor do they provide the beneficial temperature controlling effects of a larger, more generous ‘green’ area. All future construction permits subject to increased allocation of space to ‘green’ areas.
  • A real ‘reforestation’ campaign, emphasizing replanting of vegetation indigenous to the area. No more palm trees and grass. This is not Miami.
  • No more golf courses.
  • Increase the budget for inspection and control of all well and water drilling activity in the state. The water is being contaminated at an alarming rate and soon it will be useless.
  • Immediate implementation of a tax credit for all purchasers of hybrid vehicles.
  • Promote installation of plastic and glass recycling plants to reduce soda and beer bottle garbage, which is part of the landscape now. All soda and beer bottlers in the state must either offer a refund for their bottles, or pay a tax in lieu of. No exceptions. Out of state bottlers must pay tax which will be used to pay refund to the general public on bottles collected.
  • Invest in solar technology in order to have most state government buildings run by solar power by 2020.
  • Tax credits for homeowners who install solar or alternative energy in their homes.
  • Tax credits for homeowners who plant indigenous vegetation on their properties.


  • Any and all Yucatan state taxes to be rolled into one flat tax.
  • Push for the federal IVA tax to be applied to everything, as well as pushing for a flat federal income tax.
  • Eliminate tenencia tax on autombile purchases for all hybrid and 4 cylinder models.
  • Increase vehicle tax on 6 cylinder models and a maximum tax on 8 cylinder models.
  • Tax credit (percentage based on vehicle purchase price, used or new) for purchases of hybrid vehicles.

How am I doing so far?

15 thoughts on “Can I Run for Public Office? No.

  1. I'd vote for you. I'd only favor the flat tax for its simplicity and then only if the wealthy were forced to pay, not allowed to skate free like they do today, because "they know someone."

  2. A flat fee, and none of the "it costs XX however if you pay by this date you get a discount and a raffle ticket"

    I'd vote for you, especially if you had a catchy jingle.

  3. Yeah, I'd vote for you too but along with a catchy jingle you'd need to give out a few t-shirts and shake a little booty.

  4. I'll definitely vote for you, but only if you add a law (and the power to enforce it) that punishes people who torture animals, tie animals up without food and water, or do other inhumane things to animals within the state.

    I want a tshirt too.

  5. I have no idea about taxes, but I love your Green ideas. Actually I'm going to email you later, I want to take your model and present it to our city officials. We're not that Green in Miami, regardless of the palms and the grass.

  6. Tshirts, no problemo, WG. Animal rights? Sure. Let's get the people on track and the rest will follow, I think.

    Adri, let's hear what Miami city council decides!

  7. Love all the green laws, while your at it add some sort of incentive or city wide initiative to have rooftop gardens. I read somewhere that it would decrease the temperature in the city by 10 degrees!

    Great post!

  8. William
    I found this link to a site that has some more technical information about rooftop gardens. It also lists out some great benefits.

    Green roofs help moderate temperatures, improve air quality, reduce storm-water runoff and create habitat for birds and butterflies. They can create a green refuge within a sea of concrete. Plus it increases 'green' collar jobs. Its pretty neat!

  9. Ok, that’s fine and lofty, but first you have to get elected, so your platform should be:

    Tax the evilrich. They must be evil because they’re rich, unless they contribute to your campaign, in which case they’re examples of how you can do well by going good.

    Give the money to the middle class and vulnerable (not the poor, because they don’t vote, and no one likes having them around). Pensions, medical care, six week paid vacations and free college are a human right. No taxes for the vulnerable middle class. Big houses, green lawns, bread and games for all. Merida will be like Miami, only with more palm trees.

    I like puppies. And kittens. And ooh, is that a baby? I love babies. Here, let me kiss it. My evilrich opponent ties them up without food and water.

    Pollution will be eliminated, but using green technologies, we’ll have cheap gas, free electricity, and 8 cylinder SUVs get a government subsidy.

    My evilrich opponent has AOLMail. I’m on Facebook.

    Not enough money? Tax the evilrich. Print some more.

    Barbacoa! cerveza! t-shirts! Orgullo! Si, se puede!

    I can hear the chanting: Law- SON! Law-SON! Law-SON!

  10. Great ideas, Grant! I will also put in some sort of legislation to prevent those darn foreigners from coming and buying up all our centro buildings and making them so pretty. It makes us Yucatecans feel bad.

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