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The Critic is not sure what is happening at Campay but things are not as happy in this sushi place as they once were.

The room feels smaller than usual, perhaps because it has been given a new coat of paint. The Critic feels that there used to be something on the walls that made it feel a little more spacious, but that could be an optical illusion.

The sushi is still quite acceptable but there is no effort made anymore to decorate the plates in any fashion. Rolls are put on a plate and that’s it. Edamame is a tiny portion worthy of derision; a few soy bean pods dumped on a side plate. The waiter, who has ‘served’ the Critic on the last few occasions he has been there, always has something negative to say or there is some problem with something that has been ordered. The customer is asked if he or she wants ginger and wasabi. The ginger tastes nothing like the pickled ginger once offered – it seems like they have decided that buying real pickled ginger is too expensive and have decided to make it themselves with decidedly unfortunate results.

While it is not as bad as the sushi place by the gas station, Campay is definitely off the list of places you should try, at least until they get their act together.

Not good.

5 thoughts on “Campay Sushi – Merida Japanese

  1. Hi, I've just read your critic about campay and I'm quite concerned about your commentaries.
    Yes we have been doing a few remodeling and are not quite finished yet, but most important is what you said about our presentation of our plates and perhaps it's true, maybe what we need is an outsiders point of view to realize our shortcomings.
    We guarantee that our products are of first quality and have been since we opened back on 2001.
    All efforts will be made so when you visit us again you'll have a positive comment of campay

  2. Thanks Guillermo. I think Campay is Merida's best sushi, still. But service and presentation have slipped; I know because I have been many times since you opened!

  3. So where do you suggest one go? As you said, Campay is still the best sushi restaurant in Merida, if not one of the best restaurants in Merida. Telling people to take it off their list of places to visit is a bit strong. I love it and always will.

  4. In the land of Cream Cheese, Méridas' best sushi restaurant is not the recommendation it would seem. The Critic has no suggestions at the moment and taking it off the list of 'recommended' restaurants is merely so as not to lead anyone astray.

  5. Ohhhh, please, stop this and just drive a few blocks up and you'll find sensei near boxito. Those guys are awesome and you will always find the place crowded. That says all.
    I MUST say, TROTTERS and SENSEI are the HOT SPOTS of the YUCATAN.
    (small place, good food, nice people, improved service, and very very very sexy and TRENDY people ALWAYS)

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