iPhone Updates and iTunes Crashes (in Merida)

Did you like how I made the title into something related to the formerly white city?

I get SO frustrated (those who know me know my penchant for slamming things that don’t work against the nearest concrete wall) with my retarded iPhone and iTunes. Whenever I try to update my podcasts, music, photos or whatever, it will take me at least 3 or 4 attempts to get the damn thing to update. iTunes continually crashes or ‘hangs’ during the update, the iPhone gets disconnected magically without me laying a finger on it, that sort of thing.

Why, as I type this I have plugged in again my freakin’ iPhone, it gets recognized by the ‘puter but no iTunes starts up.

Do any of my ‘avid’ readers have a solution before I whip this thing into the cienega at Progreso on my next trip out?

All this is happening on a PC by the way, running Windows XP.

Ahh, life in Merida. 😉

6 thoughts on “iPhone Updates and iTunes Crashes (in Merida)

  1. Not to be toooo snarky, but my iPhone never does any of that on my Mac. Just saying… perhaps it is not the iPhone.

  2. I would agree with your original idea of slamming it into a concrete wall (or an albarrada for what it's worth).

    I have never understood owning an ipod much less an iphone, to me it's all an overpriced way of listening to music when any decent mp3 player will get the job done.

    But hey, don't mind me… I use a Nokia 5800 and so far it has only slammed against my floor out of sheer stupidity 🙂

  3. Hi R,

    I couldn't get this thru on your email. Hope this finds you all well. Trish and I are coming for a visit next week. I'm driving a load of furniture starting tomorrow and Trish is flying in next tuesday. If you and Maru are about and not too busy, we'd like to go have lunch or dinner and catch up with you.



  4. Your experience is pretty normal for iPods and iPhones, in our opinion.

    The "synch" leaves something to be desired in Windows. A neighbor who uses a Mac has similar problems, perhaps not as many, because when you own a Mac, you're not supposed to admit that anything ever goes wrong. 😉

  5. Well, first of all, iPhone and itunes suck… they really do. Of course, you could get a Mac and it will be compatible and all… Or maybe not… 'Cause they suck.

    Oh, and the iPod is just stupid, an overpriced mp3 player.

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