Doña Tere, Merida-Cancun Toll Highway

Last night, on the way back from Cancun, the Critic and guests stopped at Doña Teres’ eatery at the Isla de Servicios on the Cancun-Merida toll highway. If you haven’t had a chance to try their Yucatecan food, you should definitely put this place on your to-do list.

The Critic and guests enjoyed tacos de cochinita, lechón, relleno negro and lomitos de Valladolid on hand-made corn tortillas. Everything was lip-smacking delicious.

The bill, including a café con leche and two cheese empanadas to go, came to a whopping 197 pesos.

This will be the high point of your trip on the toll highway which is otherwise mind-numbingly boring.

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