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  1. This looks great. I have never eaten sushi in Merida. Where is this restaurant located?

    Thank you

  2. Thanks for stopping by Patti! This place is just off Calle 17 in the Colonia Mexico area; this area is between Montejo (Prolongación) and Plaza Fiesta.

  3. William, we must have similar taste bud. This is one of my favorit sushi place. I born in korea of couse love sushi started at 5 yr old. My Korean friend young hee & mike know owner so we get pretty good attention & fresh sashimi. It is not like Houston, I get very good fish in Houston & good price. The best is seoul, Korea or japan any place ocean.

  4. Interestingly, Campay offers FRIED sushi. They batter up and fry some of the rolls. I cannot even imagine where they got this idea. All of Japan would rise up against Merida if they only knew.

  5. You should go again, they redecorated the restaurant and also opened a new Campay not so far in front of Burger King Prolongación Montejo. I have felt an impromvement in the ingredient quality of certain roll specially sake and maguro.

    For the dude who said “All of Japan would rise up against Merida if they only knew”… Japanese people actually seems to find fascinating the way Sushi is cooked here, specially in Campay since it’s always full of japanese people.

  6. Thanks for stopping by Beryl and Kuha. I doubt that Japan would rise up against Merida for the fried sushi if they didn’t do it regarding all that cloying cream cheese in every. single. roll. It’s called ‘tropicalization’ kinda like what McDonalds does in Mexico, adding chiles & things to adapt their products for regional tastes. And I have yet to try the new Campay – the owner also owned that bar that was there before – ‘Hoodwinks’ – which was originally called Hooters until there was a conflict; it will be interesting to see how the income stream changes because that bar was a huge success with Meridas younger, drinking set who seem to have no economic woes whatsoever, judging from the amount of them in the bars on Montejo on Friday and Saturday nights. And I have never seen Japanese people in Campay, at least not in their Col Mexico location – do they come out to the new place, Kuha?

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