A Worthwhile Cause – Emergency Medical Spanish

If you are reading this you have likely read it on another post as well. But for that small portion of readers who don’t read all the other blogs out there, here’s an interesting item that I read on my friend Debi’s blog regarding an Emergency Spanish dictionary where you can apparently find the words to express how you feel. This may sound romantic, but believe me, when you are doubled over in pain in a hospital with a 360 degree circle of Mexican nurses and doctors people asking you things the term ‘expressing how you feel’ takes on an entirely new meaning.

The book is here.

Debi’s post on the subject is on her blog.

Have a terrific Friday, everyone and enjoy the hot weather. Find a cenote, or a beach with few people. Actually, at this time of the year, stay home. It will be more peaceful.

3 thoughts on “A Worthwhile Cause – Emergency Medical Spanish

  1. gracias! from me and MM (Mexican Trailrunner) There are so many of us without the proper level of language, heck even if you have a good language grasp, medical terms, oufff!

    Can’t wait to get mine! Not sure what I’m waiting for, but everytime I get on the internet I get caught up in blogs, fb, ….

  2. William!
    Ooooo, send me a cenote! Please. It’s hot!
    Thanks so so much for the post, really appreciate it. The book is good, I’ve sold a lot of them over the years, and it’s true it could save your life. As a medic I watched so many Latino patients trying to explain that it was their chest that hurt and not their stomach to a paramedic/doc/nurse/firefighter that didn’t understand a single word the patient was saying. BIG difference in treatment! Thanks again.
    I’m adding your blog to my roll, hope that’s ok, and am so happy to find you and have another good blog to read too. Yay.
    Have a good weekend.

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